007: Quantum Of Solace (PS3) - £9.89 @ Sendit

007: Quantum Of Solace (PS3) - £9.89 @ Sendit

Found 7th May 2009Made hot 7th May 2009
Finally under a tenner.



Nice! thanks

I bought from ASDA online for a pound extra.


dont forget 4% quidco


dont forget 4% quidco

Quidco only applies if you are a new customer to sendit so if you already have an account just open a new one if you want cashback as they wont pay out existing customers unless you have been with them for less than 30 days

Sendit.com will award commission on recurring sales for 30 days made only … Sendit.com will award commission on recurring sales for 30 days made only by NEW customers. Sendit.com will not award commissions on sales made by customers already existing on their database

I missed the Zavvi offer the other week so think I will grab this one



Zavvi claimed they had NO STOCK but taken my money anyway! bunch of @55h0l3$

this game keeps falling in price...

Anyone that has played it will know why!!

I've played it on my mates PS3 and thought it was pretty decent. Well worth a tenner anyway - hence I've just ordered it and voted hot. Thanks


i want this on the 360

shame its not on the 360, hot anyhow

Voted Hot

These are all the same companies..

Asda entertainment, Zavvi.. Send it.. ect.. and they keep doing the same deal on all the different websites at different times..

"The owner of this website is The Hut.com"

I just got this from Zavvi.com, but its euro version comes with the warning "not for sale in the UK" but I don't mind, as its only the BBFC rating thats missing.

Voted hot. Anyone know the best price for 360?

Dont forget topcashback 5%


Got this around release date and it was excellent.
Sold it for acouple of quid less than what I payed but will defo pick this back up for a tenner. Voted hot.

Personally I think the game is great, especially how the story twists from QoS to Casino Royale so you get the best bits from both movies in the game. Controls are pretty similar to COD and the graphics run smoothly and it looks nice

Online play is good with afew different game modes and had no problems with lag or connections etc.

I'd give the game 8/10. Most reviewers gave the game low marks because of the length of single player, saying it took between 6 - 8 hrs to complete or less. I know I logged certainly alot more and it will take you alot longer on 007 mode if you want all the trophies and a tougher challenge.

What I did like was you can kind of complete the game in 2 ways, getting trophies for each. You can run and gun and not be bothered about CCTV cams, enemies etc or you can go through the game stealthly, keeping an eye on enemy movement, nipping out and hiding again when a camera has rotated round etc. Feels abit more like 'bond' doing this and adds abit of adrenaline to the experience trying not to be seen.

Finally, the part in Casino Royale where bond is drugged at the casino is one of the best bits in the game and very well done.

No one will be disappointed for a tenner, enjoy!

Ordered within 5 mins of this post coming out with stock available.
Surprise Surprise, just got an email this morning saying no stock and awaiting a delivery from supplier.

Even though the are selling it back at the £40 price again with stock available and 3 day delivery.

Useless bunch of ******s !!:x
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