02 Broadband and Home Phone £13 per month 12 months

02 Broadband and Home Phone £13 per month 12 months

Found 12th Apr 2013
I have just got off the phone with 02 regarding switching my Broadband to PlusNet as I'm cutting costs. They said they are currently able to offer a deal of £13 per month for landline rental with evening and weekend calls & include unlimited broadband free for 12 months. AND you don't need to be an 02 customer for the free 12 months like you normally would.

Anyone looking to move or switch might want to consider them and then move on after the 12 months.
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The thing is they are going to be sky's prices now as they have been bought by sky. It is a shame as o2/be were great but sky is also good but when it inherits all O2/be its gonna get a bit crappy for a while.
Heat added is this online or do you have to phone them ???
I hope things go smooth during the takeover. I was paying 02 £9.50 for one of their original Broadband packages and £12.50 to BT so broke their arm off when they offered this. Cheaper than the £18 I was going for with PlusNet!

Heat added is this online or do you have to phone them ???

Phone them, I queried it not being on the website but can't remember the response.
this deal has been posted before but under a different title? still heat though i am am on O2 and taken up the deal as i also got £200 towards my contract O2 phonebill so works out at 11 months free mobile costs for me too!
I haven't spotted it? I nearly put up the PlusNet deal.
Thanks whoever amended the title.
does any1 no if u can get cashback 4 this deal?
I don't think you can as the deal isn't advertised on their website?
yh ive had a look n its not on there. tnx neway.
just done, as I was out of contract for the last 2 years+ and was wondering if sky would have to continue my old unlimited package or force me onto their pricing, so went with the 16-50 phone package that ive always had and the works with a £200 credit to my mobile thx OP
believe me - it will be doom and gloom once sky take over. I just hope i can wrangle my freedom and then i may consider infinity or virgin again...
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