02 trade in deals J700 = £50 U900 £70
02 trade in deals J700 = £50 U900 £70

02 trade in deals J700 = £50 U900 £70

Buy forBuy forBuy for£50
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Go to your 02 store with any old phone and trade it for one of the new pay and go phones the new j700 samsung is normally £70 but you get £20 pounds off when you give them a old phone also i got of a extra £10 off as they look at how much you have topped up in the last 18 months .

The j700 has only been out a little while and you wont find it cheaper great phone just like the g600 but minis the good camera etc


do they trade in old phone for £20 for all phones or just on j700 and u900?

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Well the trade in prices for any old phones are for these phones
j700 £20
u900 £50
nokia n73 £50
g600 £50

i would say the j700 is better looking than the g600 . The g600 just has better camera

what if i want a refund? then do i gt my traded or the money i paid plus the money off aswell?

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Yes you will get a full refund

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well worth buying


been posted already, although not with this phone

does anyone know how much the n73 is from o2 shop

do O2 phones come unlocked to any Network?

so can someone set me straight before i make a fool of myself tommorrow at the 02 shop.

im gonna take my olllllllllllllldddddd phone, a sony ericsson pf768 and gonna take with me £50 cash and I can get the u600 on pay as you go?

they didnt have the n73?

i dont understand so if i traded a phone for the u600 on pay as you go i would get it for £70? because its normally £100???

ive got a samsung sgh s401i
can i trade that in??

confusinggggg helppp :)?
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