02 Upgrade for Free

02 Upgrade for Free

Found 23rd Nov 2017
May be account specific

2836410.jpgI have £80 left to pay on my 02 refresh and they are offering to buy out the contract and i can get a new phone today without paying anything.

Found on My 02 right at the top
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I'm guessing you found this on their website under your account? If so where abouts?
Its found on My 02 then right at the top
I have £76 left to pay but no offer of similar. May ask Live chat later.
Is this a free upgrade when trading in your old phone?
No you dont need to trade in your old phone
hmm i have 150 left to pay off my device plan with 9/10 months left on my contract but no similar offer
Can I ask what plan and device you're on. If you've got a history of buying iPhones or something, £80 might be 10% of your plan. For me, it's one third of the total value.
Iv currently got a Samsung S6 Edge, paying £41 pm
Showing in my upgrade offers the option of buyout.
O2 been doing this for a few weeks now.. just a way to tie into a new contract early.. I find it’s better to buy a new O2 contract elsewhere for cheaper..buy out of the contract..and port the number
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