Handy to have

Slowly going through these and ordering 1 of everything, this should be interesting lol..

Loads ordered thanks..but dont think we will get....lol

Great got mine so just ordered some more...

I don't think government money was spent on these posters so that you can use them for scrap paper. Are things that hard up north??! oO

I ordered these many years ago when I was a young teenager and felt bad about wasting government money then (which lets face it is all you're really doing) so I don't see why any adult should be ordering these unless they're for an organisation wanting to promote a safety campaign.
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Anyone seen that recent advert warning against being distracted at level crossings? Apparently, if you play eye-spy in the woods with your family during a centerparcs style happy bike excursion, your daughter will be thinking soooo hard she will wander onto a level crossing where she will turn around, guess the correct answer and get hit by a train in a dramatic fashion.

I wish I was joking.

Got mine delivered and used as part of an EHS initiative at work

What a waste of tax money!

I can't find any legitimate reason to order these free posters for display or use at home. Stop wasting resources. You don't *have* to grab everything that's going, even if you don't need it.

Great thanks, ordered these for a cycling safety session at my Scout group

I just ordered 3 small for my sons bedroom going to frame them (road safety/mobile) so hopefully he will see them and when he gets a mobile phone/mp3 etc will remember the posters and "THINK"

I'm not giving anything away!
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