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(1 Day Left)(Possible Total of £112) Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S White O2 - 21.50/month @ Dialaphone
588° Expired

(1 Day Left)(Possible Total of £112) Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S White O2 - 21.50/month @ Dialaphone

£21.50Testing Deals
588° Expired
(1 Day Left)(Possible Total of £112) Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S White O2 - 21.50/month @ Dialaphone
Posted 24th Dec 2011

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

(If this deal has already been posted at this exact same price with the exact same discounts, please let me know. I always do my best to make sure that I am not double posting. :))

If you vote Cold, please post your reasoning! I would love to know why.

Please make sure you read the full deal before voting, this doesn't involve redemption. The work involved to get this price takes 1 hour maximum when you receive the phone and 10mins maximum after 9 months.

How To Get To The Deal
Links won't get you straight to the deal because of the menu system on dialaphone.
1. Follow the deal link. This takes you to the List of offers for the Arc S on Dialaphone.
3. Set the network as O2 only.
4. The deal is the second cheapest, based on effective costs.
Deal is 500MB Data, £110 Auto Cashback, 100mins, 500 texts for £21.50.


Basic monthly rate - £21.50

Remove Data Bolt on (-£6/month)

Downgrade contract after 9 months (-£5/month for last 14 months)

Payment for first 9 months - £15.50/month
Payment for last 15 months - £10.50/month

(15.5 x 9) + (10.5 x 15) = 297

Minus £110 "Automatic cashback"
Minus £50 Quidco
Minus £25 Sony Cashback
Total Price - £112

Work Involved
On Purchase
1. Buy through Quidco

When the Phone Arrives (Don't be tempted to turn the phone on first. Make sure you remove the data bolt on before you turn the phone on and put your Sim in.)
2. Remove Gadget Helpline (5mins, copy code from an email onto the website to unsubscribe)
3. Remove data bolt on. (10mins, talk to an O2 advisor online, say "Bought a contract with an internet bolt on, don't want the bolt on anymore, I have not used any internet, please remove it", they will ask for your security question (post code when you purchased the phone..)
4. Fill in Sony Ericsson cashback forms and send in the post. (30mins)

9 Months Later
5. After 9 months log in online at O2 and downgrade contract (5mins, is done with a couple of clicks online)

Questions and Answer
Q. Does the phone come unlocked?
A. Yes, unlocked for use on any network. I have a Giffgaff Sim in mine at the moment.

Q. The website says that the Sony cashback finishes on the 31st January?
A. Read the terms and conditions. States that it applies for phones ordered before the 31st December and you have until 31st January to claim the cashback.

Q. What's the use of a smartphone without data, you've just removed the data so it's not worth doing.
A. Look at this deal as buying a £350 phone for £112 and paying for it over 24 months, you would then use your Payg sim card in it. You also then get the upgrade offers after the contract has ended.

Q. O2 states you can only downgrade after half of your contract has finished, why do you say you can downgrade after 9 months?
A. The contract I received through the post states that you can downgrade after 9 months. There have been a lot of offers similar to this posted on here and everyone has had the same contract that states you can downgrade after 9 months. If they don't allow you to - they are breaking the contract. In the unlikely event your contract states 12 months, this deal will be £15 more expensive.

Q. What is the Sony Ericsson Cashback?
A. Sony Ericsson are offering £25 cashback to anyone who buys an Xperia Arc, Xperia Ars S or Ray before the 31st December. Follow this link: sonyericsson.com/cas…ck/

Q. Are there any risks?
1. Quidco cashback isn't guaranteed
2. Being able to downgrade after 9 months isn't guaranteed, if there isn't a lower tariff to downgrade to in 9 months, you won't be able to downgrade.
Both are very very unlikely, but possible.

Any questions, I will try to answer as soon as possible. I took this contract out a couple of months ago, although it wasn't with the Sony Cashback, I successfully Removed the data bolt on, paid by Quidco and also received the £110 Automatic cashback via cheque, so if you have any questions about the process, let me know.

EDIT: For those who have ordered this within the past 2 months and those who are about to order this, there is two additional extras you can claim: 90 days of music unlimited and 5 blockbuster rentals.

Full Credit to Midge (Page 10, post 186)

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