£1 final value fee when selling on eBay. Up to 5 items (by invite only)

£1 final value fee when selling on eBay. Up to 5 items (by invite only)

Found 16th Jan
**Invite only**

Check your emails and activate the offer. You can sell 5 items and only pay £1 FVF.
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Worked on one of my two accounts
I never get these deals
Not on my both accounts
Nothing for me bit thanks for posting
Says it's expired for me!!?? It's not even started yet??
eBay is so mean.
I think there trying to make back the money they lost on the 20% off deal by making us sell with normal fvf fees.
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Aww.. not valid for me. Never mind. I'll hold out for the next offer! Cheers for the heads up tho
Desperate for an offer at the minute but yet again nothing on both my accounts, got all my items ready to go on just waiting for an offer
Didn't work. I will wait until the general promotion is back, it is not worth listing at regular with shplock and facebook alternatives.
Yeah, I don't know why Ebay don't just eliminate the fees for listing. Almost everybody must now wait, because as you say, it's not worth listing on Ebay at regular now Facebook marketplace has taken off.

Yet of course, Ebay are making free listing deals rarer and rarer.
Didn't work on my accounts either.
Me neither, have a few things to sell but not until I get another fvf promo
F ebay, plenty of other ways to sell these days
Only for 5 items. Wouldn't let me use it anyway.
looks like it’s only for me then
Cold for me then
neither me nor G/F could use it
One account says invite only, other says it's expired.
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