£1 for 12 aa batterys from wilko

£1 for 12 aa batterys from wilko

Found 8th Mar
£1 for 12 aa batterys from wilko
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Lithium or the nicad?
ses6jwg2 m ago

Lithium or the nicad?

​Zinc Carbon. You can read it on one of the batteries in the photo.
Poundland has branded ones- Sony, Panasonic etc for £1 always
Which tested batteries a couple of months ago. Lidl and Aldi came out massively much cheaper per hour of use. (assumes the the cost of a disguise so as not to be recognised around an Aldi/Lidl has been amortised over many trips)
Nice price but tend to have to buy more due to being crap batteries. Rather buy Tesco ones(which have been great so far).
Zinc-Carbon rubbish batteries! Cold.
"life is like a vaction". OP, what's a 'vaction'?
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