£1 for 250 Incense Sticks @ Poundland

£1 for 250 Incense Sticks @ Poundland

Found 22nd Jul 2011
250 for a pound seems like a good deal to me, bought two boxes should last a while. There were different boxes with various scents.
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i've bought cheap ones in the past all smoke and no incense.
yeah makes no CENSE
Well aern't you two cheerful! They will create some smoke you know ever seen a buddhist temple?

yeah makes no CENSE

well i was incensed i can tell you.

I know they release smoke. Do you think i'm a palestinian or something?
It just wasn't fragrant smoke. It just smelled of smoke!
It's all nonsensical
lol @palestinian buju

Look all I know from actually using these is that when I burn them I can smell the fragrance and especially if after burning these I go out maybe into town for a few hours then when I get back I can smell whichever scent I burnt as soon as I walk back in so it does linger. I didn't expect them to be as good as the expensive one's but I disagree that its all smoke only thats non-cense.

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i wonder the smell won't be so good
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