£1 instead of £28.50 for a relaxing back massage at Cocoon Beauty (Nottingham) @ Groupola

£1 instead of £28.50 for a relaxing back massage at Cocoon Beauty (Nottingham) @ Groupola

Found 7th Jul 2010
Looks like a real bargain to me!
£1 instead of £28.50 for a relaxing back massage at Cocoon Beauty

Go on, indulge yourself with a 1st class massage, guaranteed to refresh & relax

What you get for your Groupola:
Groupola knows how stressful everyday life can be, so why not get a relaxing back massage for just £1 instead of £28.50 saving you a terrific 96%. That should lift the weight from those tired shoulders!

* Highly trained staff
* Modern facilities
* Convenient location

Full Company Details:
Set amid Nottingham’s exclusive shopping district, Cocoon Beauty’s philosophy is to provide you with luxury Beauty & Spa treatments within a relaxing retreat set conveniently within the heart of the city.

Our treatment rooms are calm hideaways, designed especially to allow you to enjoy your treatment in comfort. Before you return to the outside world relax, read a magazine or enjoy a glass of bubbly & strawberries in the tranquil slumber lounge.

At Cocoon Beauty (along with Beauty Within) you can enjoy some time out as an individual, or a day’s pampering with your friends.
For more information please see website: beautywithindayspa.com
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how does this work?
Groupla offer. Go read up on bitterwallet and MSE about them. I wouldn't touch them with a bargepole.
Sick to death of all these groupola deals on here. We get it, someone "likes" groupola also known as groupon - same company run them both. Do we really needs so many links to all their deals - five right next to each other? Can't we have one link saying go look at groupola and see if you want to risk any of the deals in your area? Repeat it every day if you must but please not so many.
I used the Groupon £28 for £75 voucher for hellocanvas.co.uk with no problems, voucher accepted without question. Have also got diving one and a paintballing one, expect them to be as easy. So not all bad reviews for Groupon.


PS I am not an employee of Gro... oh, I guess that doesn't really work anymore Genuinely not though.
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