1 Litre BIGGEST BOTTLE Radox Muscle Soak 97p @ Waitrose

1 Litre BIGGEST BOTTLE Radox Muscle Soak 97p @ Waitrose

Found 1st Sep 2016
it's back! - The lowest price ANYWHERE has ever sold it.


500ml is 85p so you might as well pay the extra 12p.
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Ty x
Better than an epsom salts bath?
This is better than your wife in the bath good deal
Been doing all the waitrose picks and half price stuff this last week. Check out some of the half price items and some are 'picks' as well (extra 20% off, so effectively 70 per cent discount!).
Only problem with this offer (RADOX Muscle Soak) is they had stock (loads!) of the 500ml bottles but none of this one.

Barstewards! Bit like Morrisons and the big bags - 480 bags - of Yorkshire Tea at under half price (5 quid, instead of £10.97. None in stock last week, told it would be in, nope! Now told it will not be in at all. On Morrison's website OUT OF STOCK ...everywhere.
They really should not be allowed to do this, real con imo.
Mr angry!!

Anyway, hot from me (if you can find this size in stock, that is!)
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