1 litre bottle of baileys £10 @  Asda

1 litre bottle of baileys £10 @ Asda

Found 8th Nov 2013
1 litre bottle of baileys £10
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wait for the flack...
nationwide at asda, sorry first deal posted via phone.

I know Morrissons was a pound cheaper but this must be cheapest available today.
Any orange truffle?
It's £18 online. Anyone know how long this will be for?
It's only a weekend deal
Thank you!
Instore today or just saturday and sunday? Heat
Its showing up on the asda website....its on from today to the 11th.....Maximum 3 bottles per person

Lets hope this one has some stock , heat added
Are all flavours on offer or just certain ones!?
currently £12 in Tesco so a good price op... think I need some shopping done

***PROMOTIONAL PRICE***Only for deliveries made between the 8th-11th … ***PROMOTIONAL PRICE***Only for deliveries made between the 8th-11th November

Above taken from the website....So is this an online only deal or will it be instore as well?
Got some of this on the recent £9 Morrisons deal, it's so watered-down compared to the Baileys of old, think they must be using milk instead of cream lately to save a few quid, which explains all these bargain deals. Try looking at the glass after taking a sip, it hardly leaves a mark, tastes more like chocolate milk shake too...
Hopefully get my hands on a bottle this time, had no chance with Morrisons
Just picked up 6 from Asda Dagenham. They've got loads!!
Time to stock up for Christmas
thanks for posting..
Amazing that the supermarkets are cheaper than the "Duty Free" at the UK airports.
heat! hopefully I can get some this afternoon :-)
might get myself there tomorrow am after stock fill up and use my discount card £9 a bottle missus loves it in a decaff coffee before bed
Considering having an extra gym day today as Asda is right next to the gym I use. Makes sense
got 3 bottles wooop. heat heat heat
hot .. Asda will surely have more stock than Morrisons did & for a pound more it wont be a wasted trip
Hot hot hot!
Hot..Thanks for posting
I just got 2 bottles in Preston but the shelf was nearly empty so hopefully they will be restocking over the weekend!!
Darn it, just picked up two at Tesco's @ £12. Heat for price
Just bought two bottles - Christmas come early - hot, hot, hot!!

wait for the flack...

Isn't she the bint that s||agged the **** from One Direction?

Just got mine from Asda in Caernarfon and it came with some free coffee that makes one full cafetiere! BARG
thanks, bet all the stock will be gone by the time I pop in?
Heat added thanks OP X)
Thanks OP, bought 2 to add to the 4 I have leftover from the Morrisons deal
Heat for a litre bottle!!

I managed to get six one litre bottles from morrisons a few weeks back priced at £9 each.....
Voted hot but I managed to buy mine from Morrisons when their deal was on.:3

Nisa its on a 1 week only offer £8.99 … Nisa its on a 1 week only offer £8.99 http://www.nisalocally.co.uk/Promotions

Thats the small bottle
Very hot! Thanks op.

This should hopefully also appease some of the folk that missed out on the Morrisons deal.

I got some because unlike Morrison's, asda know how to do a promotion and have got bucket loads in stock
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