1 litre spirits 12 pound in ASDA

1 litre spirits 12 pound in ASDA

LocalFound 19th Oct 2010
Starting this friday various litre spirits will be 12 pounds in all ASDA stores

They consist of Smirnoff Vodka, Gordons Gin and Bells whiskey
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Super - will be good for Xmas pressies
good deal voted hot
Voted hot, wonder if they will do them for £10 this year or should I just grab these? ( think it was a 2 for £20 offer )
2 x 70cl for £18 in morrisons too (smirnoff, malibu....) although this is better
Asda will probably still have a 70cl bottle of Bells for £13 on the same shelf.
Bloody hell just lugged mine back from Turkey at that price.
Hot price, just bought 2 bottles for 22 Euro's on the ferry yesterday, so for now at least I can feel like I saved myself some money until a better deal comes along, voted hot!
hot if true!
I am still trying to locate some of their 1litre Pimms which was on offer at £10
All the stores had sels showing this price for weeks and weeks and weeks.
But they never had any stock.
None in warehouse either they claimed.
Spent a fortune buying other bits every time I called in..... but I only ever went into stock up on the Pimms ready for Christmas.
Guaranteed that stock will miraculously appear once the offer has finished.

Having had my moan, this is a good offer IF you can find what you want.
Starts 15th? 15th been and gone!

Starts 15th? 15th been and gone!

whats your point?
Sorry can anybody clarify when this is as they are showing already reduced online atm for £15 each from £18-£19, so if I order for delivery on Friday will I get them for £12?
i just had a netto email, im sure they had some spirits on for £10?
There are some but they are 70cl, Baileys, Rum and something else I think
i bought the 1 litre for £15 in asda yesterday it was the 70cl that was £12 in rotherham store :-)
Can the OP clarify this please, that the ltr bottles will be £12 on Friday 22nd as if OP states it started on 15th they are currently £15 not £12. Cheers
If you have a local Spar, their own brand Vodak is just rebranded Glens, the spar stuff is usually pretty cheap.
Undelivered mail?
I don't get it.....oO
Eh? lol
To clarify it starts this friday being the 22nd. Apologies for any confusion.
£15 at my local Asda
To confirm offer is running for four days from 22nd October. Bells, Gordons and Smirnoff 1l.

Oh and her indoors, Pimms litre is no longer in store, but 70cl is a tenner
Price online now showing as £12, looks like I shall be stocking up tomorrow!!
I can't find them online ?? I hope they are £12 as I've ordered 2 of each and don't want to have to send them back?
just got mine....

max 3 bottles per customer....
thank you
Is that 3 per customer altogether or 3 of each?

I can't find them online ?? I hope they are £12 as I've ordered 2 of each … I can't find them online ?? I hope they are £12 as I've ordered 2 of each and don't want to have to send them back?

They was online last night, I can't seem to find them now oO
Still £15 at my local ASDA.
plenty at thurmaston leicester asda, £12 a bottle, max 3 bottles per customer

also rang leicester fosse park, plenty there too they said, max limt 2 cases per customer, each case has 6 bottles, so max 12 botlles.

Yeahhh, 2 bottles of each delivered at £12 each. Thanks OP
thanks for the post!
Plenty in stock at Croydon Asda - bargainous
hmm disagree with that test in the first post, i think glens is minging!

russian standard all the way
needs expiring. Shame
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