1 Litre Tropicana 'Premium Edition' Sanguinello Pure Squeezed Blood Orange Juice 99p @ 99p stores

1 Litre Tropicana 'Premium Edition' Sanguinello Pure Squeezed Blood Orange Juice 99p @ 99p stores

LocalFound 27th Apr 2014
Deleted from the supermarkets and now ONLY available at Waitrose but for £3.69,
Use by 3rd May 2014
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Not in our local shop, but they did have 1.4l orange juice.
My daughter loves this.The supermarkets cut down to the 750ml (at the same £2-3 price). Nice, but no stores here.
This is gorgeous!
So 99p stores buy from Waitrose?
Love this stuff but not been able to find it for a while - amazing deal at this price
Is this sweet tasting ?
Can see some winemaking coming on.
which branch did you buy this from?
I got few packs and I have to admit the taste is super awesome. Initially I was a bit worried about the content as very often the Tropicana juice sold in 99p stores isn't what is says on the label. It usually is the regular orange juice inside instead of let's say red grapefruit that label says but this time it was sanguinello juice. Great.
why it is deleted from supermarkets?
Why is it so difficult to buy, are Tropicana missing a trick it is wonderful and surely would sell very well, Tesco used to do it but stopped stocking presumably because it was so good and they repeatedly drop good products.
Yes, the finely-honed marketing brains at Tesco dropped this fantastic product about 12 months ago - presumably because it was too good and threw the usual dross they sell into sharp relief. I used to be able to get it at Sainsbury's Fallowfield branch (3 cartons for £5!!) but it has disappeared from there as well. As far as I can tell, Waitrose seems to be the only place to buy it - at £3.69 a pop.
It's still well worth it, even at this price. But, a word of warning. After your first tasting, the rest of your life may well be an anticlimax.
This is not just fruit juice - this is an orgasm in a glass.
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