1 Million Candlepower Torch £11.99 @ Halfords
 1 Million Candlepower Torch £11.99 @ Halfords

1 Million Candlepower Torch £11.99 @ Halfords

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* Swivel handle & stand
* Includes 240v mains & 12v charger
Was £23.99, good little stocking filler I thought.


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So whoever voted this a cold deal, maybe you could leave a comment as to why you think this is a not a good buy?

Dont know about it being a stocking filler lol - but voted hot!

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Dont know about it being a stocking filler lol - but voted hot!

Thanks bossyboots. That all depends on how big the stockings are though eh? Not that I wear them obviously...............................that often!

The power of 1 million candles!


Bought a couple like this from Screwfix a few years ago for £10 each - found that the lead acid battery failed to store charge after a while so that the light would only last 10mins between charges. Could have been a faulty batch but I prefer powerful LED now.

Picked one up last year for a Fiver from B&M bargains axact same one, dont pay more than a £5 for this. not worth £20 quid

Million candle power my **** my LED Lenser P7 is just a bright and fits in my pocket.

yeah 18th Century technology. The lead acid battery will last for 6 months and then you've got the disposal problem. Halfords should know better. LED all the way

Is this cheaper then buying One Million candles?

I'm torn between buying this or the candles.

Bought the 2 million candle version @ B&M for £7.99 only on Saturday in Wolverhampton

I had one like this a few years back and like others have said the batteries let them down. Actually I don't think it is really the batteries but the poor quality chargers, I don't think they regulate the charging rate well.

I too have gone over to LED torches, usually from DealExtreme and their rivals. Much smaller and just as bright or even brighter. They don't tend to break when you drop them either.

Brilliant, thank you, think I'll wait for the 900,000 candle model!


The power of 1 million … The power of 1 million candles!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hwpwMS4dGxk:D

Beware, switches not good..

i have one, brought last year...


how about this one only £3200...bargain
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