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Posted 18 March 2023

1 Month EA Play Membership [PS4/PS5] for 79p @ PlayStation Store

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Decent price for the EA play on PS4 and PS5 if you haven't had a go with it.

Hope it helps someone.

info added by @sigorney

  • This promotion opens on 17/03/2023 at 15:00 (GMT) and closes on 31/03/2023 at 17:00 (GMT).
  • This subscription is a paid-for ongoing subscription and a recurring subscription fee of €3.99/ £3.99/ AUD 6.95/ $ 4.99/ BGN 7.4/ CZK 99/ DKK 32/ HRK 29.99/ HUF 1228.99714285714/ ILS 16/ INR 315/ NOK 33.5/ NZD 6.95/ PLN 14.99/ RON 19.9/ SEK 40.5/ TRY 40/ ZAR 48.5 will be charged every month.
  • Recurring subscription fee: €3.99/ £3.99/ AUD6.95/ $4.99/ BGN 7.4/ CZK 99/ DKK 32/ HRK 29.99/ HUF 1228.99714285714/ ILS 16/ INR 315/ NOK 33.5/ NZD 6.95/ PLN 14.99/ RON 19.9/ SEK 40.5/ TRY 40/ ZAR 48.5 every month, until otherwise notified by email to the email address registered to your account.
  • Billing frequency: every month.
  • Subscription duration: ongoing until cancellation.
  • Subscription continues until cancelled. You can cancel at any time. When cancelled, it will expire at the end of the period for which you’ve already paid. This will stop future payments of subscription fees but you will not receive a refund for payments already made.

Instructions on How to Cancel
Playstation Store More details at Playstation Store

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  1. antmichaelides96's avatar
    What does this get you? Is it just discounts or actual access to games?
    Maloney68's avatar
    It gives you access to the EA play library. Website below seems to have a recent list of the games available to you.…ps4
  2. RetroCyrus's avatar
    Not doing this again. Last time, after my EA Play membership expired, my PS Plus license for Star Wars Squadrons didn't get activated again. It was easy enough to get in contact with Playstation customer support, but as expected, they were being difficult. At one point I had to explain to them how the monthly PS Plus games license works...
  3. Futureshark's avatar
    Will give 10% off the new Jedi survivor Star wars preorder I expect, so could almost save a tenner there.
  4. pioneertrini's avatar
    Just in time for the new golf game.
    MaxJenson's avatar
    Will the new PGA game be on EA Play right away then ?

    Amazing if so as I have been looking forward to this game very much. Would ideally like to give it a test run before paying EA prices for a physical, though. Looks to be like it's channeling what made the old TW games like 2004-5 so good, and not the later rubbish that pumped out.
  5. Ukguy101's avatar
    Great deal a month's gaming for basically nowt!
  6. paulrowe40's avatar
    EA needs to make a new boxing game
    mark6220's avatar
    There's a new boxing game called undisputed on steam but it's got shocking reviews. It is early access though. So it may improve.
  7. Gemz's avatar
    Will having this provide a 10% discount to games that are on sale, like F1 22 and Jedi Fallen Order Deluxe? (edited)
    Sam2xp's avatar
  8. Dan77uk's avatar
    Great job on the offer
  9. mark6220's avatar
    I did this before chirstmas. It's a good way of playing games for next to nothing. I've just done play pro on pc. I've already finished a few games Inc dead space and want to try the new golf game. A years sub is around £1. 70 a week.
    Too many new games today are low quality and bugged.
    So just do a month play the games you want or try before buying then cancel. Save a lot of money in the process (edited)
  10. fitzyfitz29's avatar
    Bought this on my Turkish account and it cost £0.52, I have then preordered the deluxe Jedi survivor for £66.22. Please ea don’t ruin this sequel lol
  11. Simon_Cruse's avatar
    I just get “something went wrong” on the confirm order ?
  12. dbb298's avatar
    Thanks OP. Think I'll get this so I can play through Fallen Order. I think one month should be enough time. The game is going cheap anyway but this still saves a bit and I might sample a coupe of other games whilst I have the sub.
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