1 MONTH FREE membership at Fitness First using o2 Priority Moments!

1 MONTH FREE membership at Fitness First using o2 Priority Moments!

Found 22nd Jun 2012
Fitness First class are offering 1 whole month free memebership! This includes their group exercise classes and exclusive freestyle area for functional training. You will need to call a number which the app will provide you with and also give them your unique code, they will then book you into your chosen club.

It expires in 2 weeks.

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**** - used to be one five minutes up the road from me; it's now a Bannatyne's.
It will also probably entail a mandatory pushy salesman session where they try desperately to lock you into a contract for twelve months. There was a good atmosphere at my local, but most of the staff were just awful. Not a bad deal though if you can get a free month without too much hassle
Fitness first is in liquiditing process. Soon u won't any of their branch
I hate fitness first for personal reasons, their horrible to work for too , but yeah fitness first is in liquidation for a long time now they were bailed out by rebrandingas Active8 then they went along line of selling equipment for home use by tesco and online and now they have rebranded Active8 as fitness first again but their still having alot of money issues could be something to do with the price of membership and what they actually provide for the members moneys, but yeah this is for 1 day only not that id touch them with a 100 meter barge pole.
It's for a month on my Priority moments.
It's definitely for a month!

For all you people complaining, this is the O2 Priority Moments Smartphone App, not click through and sign up on the website.


Where does it say its only for 1 day? Have you actually looked at the o2 Priority App? Because it certainly says for 1 MONTH!
has anyone got this?
Cold. None near me.

has anyone got this?

I've just received confirmation email and I'm starting tomorrow

Cold. None near me.

Cold? It is still a good deal, no matter if there are any near you or not.

has anyone got this?

I got it, been there today, and they didn't even ask much of me, just asked me for the e-mail they send you earlier, and that's it. Showed me around the gym, and gave me a card which is valid for 1 month
It says it includes classes, does anyone know if that includes stuff like boxing and tai chi? Guess I'm asking a bit much for a free pass lol
This is a good deal but a nightmare to get. You have to call an 0844 number but have to hang on for ages and then get cut off ...and ... too much borther...I think I may move on and try another gym instead.
I got a 1 week free pass and also the 1 month free pass popped up randomly on my phone too, i couldnt find it before.
Does anyone have the fitness first code from the o2 priority moment free one month pass offer that expired yesteday please? I contacted o2 as the priority moment becomes unavailable on the app when the offer expires and it took me so long to get through to Fitness First who are happy to set me up with the pass but I just need the code! Grrrrr and apparently o2 don't hold the codes (they are deleted off the system upon expiry...apparently!) I'm pretty annoyed as you can imagine, especially since they used to text you the code so this wouldn't have been an issue previously so if anyone can help I'd really appreciate it thanks
I also ditto the above comment^^^^^

All we need is the o2 code on the smartphone app and we are good to go.

If anyone is kind enough to share it will be very appreciated.
Are you calling 08444122664 10AM-6PM?
I called on Sunday & the office was closed but I left my contact info...no one has called me back(!) and my phone says the voucher expired 1 day ago???
Its true i have and have been using my ONE MONTH membership totally free!
Hi, I had 1month free at Fitness First from O2 Priority moments. I've only used it 3 times so far. I've injured myself on a bike incident & called fitness first to postpone my free membership until I get better (for 2-3 weeks) but they said to call O2 about it. They took money from O2 but the cannot postpone it for few weeks until I get bette! I was planning to perhaps renew my membership to a full member after the free one BUT not anymore!
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