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Posted 11 September 2022

1 month free Paramount TV With Purchase of Walkers Max Strong Crisps - £1.50 Clubcard Price @ Tesco

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

1 month of free paramount when you purchase a packet of walkers max strong . £1.50 at tesco with club card or £1.75

Tesco More details at Tesco

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    I've checked the shelf.
    The code is not unique
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    I have a pack of 150g Sensations Thai Sweet Chilli with a code on, if someone wants it. I won't use it.
    Could you PM it to me please? There's a few things on there I'd like to watch.. You're most kind.. (edited)
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    Do you have a direct link to where you sign up for $1.99 a month please.. Tia
  4. Avatar
    The codes on the walkers max also. (80pence) I get them from the meal deal at the sandwich bit in Asda. If anyone wants a code let me know
    I would be grateful of a code please.
    Thanks in advance
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    So take a pic of the info you need and drop the packet in the food bank trolley.
  6. Avatar
    They were regularly on sale for £1 in Asda up to 6 months ago, recently they have been full price (£1.99), and only recently came on sale for £1.50.. Yes, thats inflation for you.
    We sell them at Poundland for £1.75 or 2 bags for £3. They're my favourite flavour so far, if you like peanuts we sell the walkers brand in the same flavour though I prefer the heat from the crisps
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    Mannn these crisp used to be £1 when they first came out. Guess this is now the standard price
  8. Avatar
    My favorite crisps. Got 4 codes already.
  9. Avatar
    Shame they're not suitable for vegetarians
  10. Avatar
    So what is to stop you going into the shop and taking pictures of the packets? I can't imagine they are different, or people will be upset at not having a chance due to the fact that some individual had taken a picture of their bag
    The codes aren’t individual.
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    With a bit of greed
  12. Avatar
    £1.25 at my local Lidl (Cheadle heath) with the same offer on packet
  13. Avatar
    What Vpn are you using to unlock peacock tv ?
  14. Avatar
    Do you need to enter card details for the trial?
  15. Avatar
    fantastic as i've been wanting to try paramount plus, glad to hear they are on normal max aswell. as i'm a wimp who can't handle the strong flavors
  16. Avatar
    The hot chicken wings ones are addictive. Heat!
  17. Avatar
    Can’t find paramount+ on the lg tele in the bedroom

    it appears on Amazon when I search for it but wants me to sign-up rather than sign-in?

    is it possible to sign-in to my paramount+ account through Amazon
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    Codes seem to be on most big bags of Walkers, but with different branding. Had Wotsits with Star Trek branding at the weekend.
    Can't be much cheese in space.
    Apart from the moon of course.
  19. Avatar
    Aside from the deal being hot, these are literally one of the best flavours Walkers have made!
  20. Avatar
    Taste like mouldy socks
  21. Avatar
    paramount uk and paramount usa are 2 different services with 2 different apps. vpn will not work on uk app to watch usa content.
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