Posted 16 March 2023

30 days Free Paramount+ with code (£6.99 Per Month After) - New Subscribers @ Paramount+

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About this deal

You will need to enter payment details so make sure to cancel after signing up to avoid paying the fees.

Just enter the code DRAGRACE in the final stage of the sign up.
If you have already had a trial here, simply use another email, i'm sure like me, you all have plenty of these in reserve.
If you don't have a spare email, go into settings when logged in with your expired account, request change email address, you will then be sent a link to change your email address, click link, change email address to whatever takes your fancy, eg joebloggs@mailcatch.com. This should then free up your original email to be reused. I have tried this and it does work.

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Explore new worlds and meet captivating characters in new originals & exclusive series you can't see anywhere else.


Make every night a movie night with new & exclusive premieres plus hundreds of hits and award-winning classics.


With gripping drama, edge-of-your-seat action, reality royalty, hit comedies and compelling docs, there’s something for everyone, all in one place.


There’s something for the whole family to enjoy, and with parental controls you can let the kids watch worry-free.


It’s easier than ever to watch on your TV, phone, tablet, desktop or streaming media player.

You're just 3 quick steps away from streaming!

  • First, create your plan
  • Stream movies and series from Paramount, Nickelodeon, MTV and more!
  • Pick up watching where you left off on any supported streaming device.
  • Download shows on your mobile device and watch offline.

How can I cancel my Paramount+ subscription?

If you signed up for Paramount+ on your desktop, mobile web, smart TV (LG TV, Vizio TV, Samsung TV), or gaming console (Xbox, PS4 or PS5), please use the cancel instruction below.

  • Visit paramountplus.com and click on username in the upper righthand corner.
  • Click "Account."
  • Scroll down and click "Cancel subscription."

Help & Information

Paramount Plus More details at Paramount Plus
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  1. irishsea's avatar
    Yellow jackets returns the 24th of March, perfect ty!

    *edit* also for those who have accounts using Gmail, remember you don't have to create a new email when signing up. Just add a. Before the Gmail.com somewhere.

    Such as old account

    New account:

    All emails still go to your old email and saves the hassle. I'm sure everyone knows this but in case there is someone that doesn't. I just move the "." over a space every free trial. (edited)
    uog's avatar
    Is there a limit of how many times you can do this though
  2. TimChang's avatar
    Thanks, just waiting on a nowtv entertainment one now for the last of us 😝
    tgliverpool's avatar
    Torrent it
  3. uog's avatar
    Yellowstone and spinoffs are great
  4. key's avatar
    Does Gmail with the + count as a different email address or are they wise to that?
    bazr's avatar
    Just create a new email if not sure. Each hotmail account can have 10 alias accounts.
  5. bazr's avatar
    Tip: If you don't have a spare email to create a new account, go into settings when logged in with your expired account, request change email address, you will then be sent a link to change your email address, click link, change email address to whatever takes your fancy, eg joebloggs@mailcatch.com. This should then free up your original email to be reused. Disclaimer: I have not tried this as i have plenty of email addys, so it may or may not work.
    FallGuy0510's avatar
    I seen people recommend just doing +1 +2 etc

    So I first signed up with


    Then +1,+2,+3 etc now it's myemail+4@Gmail.com

    All goes to the same original email address myemail@Gmail.com
  6. FallGuy0510's avatar
    When will this one end?
    bazr's avatar
    Unknown, but i do have 3 more working (at present) codes in reserve which i will of course share if this one ends.
    The previous one i posted lasted for over 5 weeks. (edited)
  7. FreshPrince's avatar
    Tubs_Leeso's avatar
    Sign up to paramount+ with VPN USA? But need to provide zip code?
  8. mam19's avatar
    Every time there’s a code posted I get “invalid token” after giving bank details and verifying on mobile app. Have tried three different emails and get the same message every time. Anyone else had this problem?
    bazr's avatar
  9. Simon6's avatar
    Also getting the ‘invalid token’ response when trying to sign up with this code now
    donkeydavid's avatar
    Just signed up via my PC, code works fine for me.
  10. bazr's avatar
    As per the free month code, don't miss out on the new espionage thriller series, Rabbit Hole which starts next Monday 27th March exclusively on Paramount. imdb.com/tit…t_1 (edited)
    mb1's avatar
    Just watched the first two episodes. It's fantastic!
  11. bazr's avatar
    49976738-kCuRv.jpgUnexpired for the second time today as it is still working.
  12. DBO187's avatar
    I get this with sky cinema but it’s def worth it if you can get a code some good stuff on there , Tulsa King is my favourite thing on there at preset…flatshare was good too
  13. wilko123's avatar
    Aah I can watch the South Park Worldwide Privacy Tour episode
    Bonedome123's avatar
    Great shout! That fact alone has made me want to sign up!!
    🍺 (edited)
  14. messyhead's avatar
    Your honor is worth a watch on this.
    irishsea's avatar
    Just finished season 2 last night 😁
  15. sueh201's avatar
    Thank you for sharing.
  16. Bluediamond28's avatar
    The mayor of Kingstown is superb you could binge watch it with a month's trial jeremy renner was filming it when he had a severe accident 😳
  17. Vinto's avatar
    Thanks. Was looking for a month code to watch Tulsa King so thanks so much!!
  18. mb1's avatar
    Tulsa King. Amazing TV.
  19. droitwichdosser's avatar
  20. shug119's avatar
    Cheers, can catch up on yellow stone.
  21. Sim1983's avatar
    Thank you.
  22. Imac786's avatar
    Thanks OP, worked a treat! Heated!
  23. shug119's avatar
    Cheers opp, another month in the bag
  24. anuruddha's avatar
    Here we go again
  25. amrul86's avatar
    Can anyone get Paramount+ from US? Or they know how to get CBS Sports?
    Roger_Irrelevant's avatar
    Ask on r/Piracy
  26. banshee3099's avatar
    Will this work through the Amazon app on Xbox one because that seems to be the only way the get paramount on there?
  27. Pacser_Men's avatar
    Great Thank you.
  28. DealHunter5's avatar
    Thanks. But surprising they only got 2.1 sound and no 5.1 surround. 
  29. 81maeve_'s avatar
    Thank you
  30. mfactor's avatar
    Cheers OP, signed up and canceled
  31. sep35's avatar
    Great thank you, i can now catch up on Your honor!
  32. HelloKitty88's avatar
    Thank you, OP! Can now watch South Park! Does anyone know when does this expire? Hoping to have it over Easter holidays when son is back from Uni as he loves South Park. Thanks!
    bazr's avatar
    Just sign up now, cancel the renewal, then after 1 month, rinse and repeat with a new email.
  33. adamski's avatar
    great, thanks. heat added.
  34. FrostyGlovez's avatar
    Another month, thanks op.
  35. uog's avatar
    Not a bad selection of movies as well.Watched the Jodie foster fllm The Accused
  36. Mark.jelf's avatar
    Thank you subscribed and sucsessfully unsubscribed .
  37. MrParsnip's avatar
    Thanks! :-)
  38. Blueseasofibrox's avatar
    Thanks for sharing.
  39. EngineRom's avatar
    Thanks appreciated
  40. bazr's avatar
    Somebody has reported this as expired, this is not so, just checked and it still works.
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