1 month Hitnews Usenet subscription 2.5Mb service with unlimited downloads £1.30 at Hitnews.eu

1 month Hitnews Usenet subscription 2.5Mb service with unlimited downloads £1.30 at Hitnews.eu

Found 8th Oct 2010
Use code 26CCD4A425

This is for renewals only and not brand new signups.


Didnt think Hitnews.eu took any other countries than Netherlands.

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You can sign up from wherever you like. I think most of their users are actually in America now.

They moved them all onto xennews about 1.5 years ago... they changed their policy now?

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You can just use a proxy to get around that if it's an issue for you but I'm on VM cable and hitnews works fine for me.

Haven't used them for a few months (tend to buy a month when I need it), but never had any problems using them in the UK

Where do you enter the settings etc.. signed up for trial and was told to use free.hitnews.eu

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Just bought this deal for myself and it works fine.

Came out at £1.33 via PayPal.

you might want to alter your title to state it's renewals only

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well technically you could just sign up for the 48hr free trial and then just renew using this deal of you want to so it can be for new users too it just can't be used on first signup.

Been with these for years now and they are very good for the money you pay

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Completely true, there are only a few providers with better retention and service and those are not cheap.

Much better now they are increasing their retention to 1000 days!

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Who the hell would vote this cold unless they don't understand exactly what it is?

Is this per month and unlimited download?
Bloody hot deal!

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Is this per month and unlimited download?


It doesn't auto renew either so technically you could just do another renewal before the 50% off deal expires and it would just add the extra time onto your account for continuation.

Im with Astraweb and get 1.7Mb and pay £6 per month, but its SSL, this is way cheaper and I download 100GB a month easy. But how much does it cost normaly, after this offer?

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This package is usually 2.95Euro per month, so around £2.50 p/m I think and it doesn't auto-renew either.

This works over SSL as well because that's how I have it configured in Grabit.

Thanks for all the info

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No worries man, just found this deal in an email this morning and I thought I'd share it.
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signed up but with astraweb i have 8 connections and get download speed of 1.6MB. This gives me 350Kbs with 2 connections only. Do you get the same?

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Yeah I just checked and this package is limited to 2 connections, at least before 11pm anyway I think.

Not sure about the capped d/l speed because I left something downloading on it whilst I was out but 300-500Kbps for 2 connections sounds about right,



Not used usenet before but really tempted by the amazing download speeds … Not used usenet before but really tempted by the amazing download speeds you guys are talking about. whats a good website that I can use to search and download .nzb files.I have had a look around google but very confusing for a noob! what are you guys using?I read a lot about newzbin, but think its invite only and recently had to close down due to legal issues?also is Grabit a good client to dload with?

nzbmatrix.com - one off £7 fee

and use grabit with SSL

Hot Thanks. Signed up for free trial and will use this code when expires

Would I be right in thinking that the purpose of using these usenet services (astraweb, supernews etc) is to log on to their servers and have unlimited downloads without worrying about your ISP capping?

Presumably speed will be dependent on one's selected ISP package, right?

No caping is still a problem, it's just a more efficient way to download than torrents and with ssl your isp cannot see what you are downloading,

Works great using ssl with bittorrent client! Thanks
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