£1 sandwiches e.g Chicken&mayo, tuna and cheese&onion instore @ Boots

£1 sandwiches e.g Chicken&mayo, tuna and cheese&onion instore @ Boots

LocalFound 2nd Jun 2017
Now I'm normally an m&s man for my lunch time sandwich but lately they've been taking the ****, they've put the big bags of their own brand skips up from 76p to £1 and added about 30p to the cost of all their sandwiches-so being the risk taking, fly of the seat of my pants hero type that I am-I nipped into boots on my lunch break and came across this deal- enjoy!!
-Chicken&mayo, tuna and cheese&onion
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It's not really a deal. They've been this price for years.
Also deceptive packaging to make you (subconsciously) think there's more than there is.
A risk taking hero type who can't make his own butties? Not my superhero of choice.
I occasionally buy one of Boots' £1 sarnies. Have to say though that the chicken mayo filling doesn't always go right into the corners so you're left with a lot of bread without filling!!!! As an emergency sarnie they're a good price as long as you hit lucky with the filling lol.
You're in for some serious stomach aches, look at that expiry date! Almost 2 months over lol
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