1 year AA breakdown membership £39 plus £20 m&s/Boots card (previous customers only)

1 year AA breakdown membership £39 plus £20 m&s/Boots card (previous customers only)

Found 22nd Nov 2016
My partner has just had a letter with this 'we're sorry you left' offer, its better than online because in order to get the voucher online you have to add another option and with this you don't.
I have been with the AA in the past and although the letter wasn't for me i thought id give it a go and it worked.
Phone number 0800 1976709
remember - the voucher comes in 4 weeks by email and may go to spam folder, so check. Also remember to cancel next year, they say they send a letter but sometimes the AA conveniently forget.
I don't really worry about my car breaking down, only getting a flat tyre in the middle of nowhere so this is worth it!
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best thing to do is ring them up as I took £200 of my renewal. full package garage onwards and hire
Don't you have to add extras to get the gift card, it is not £39.
Cold imo dint think I've ever seen anyone from the AA actually carrying out any roadside repairs don't think they are even mechanics just recovery drivers these days
what cover is it at £39
I have just finished on the phone with these and I'm still not happy with the quote, they did knock £100 of but as a new member I would save nearly £200. Does anyone know, If I leave could go back as a new customer straight away or would I have to wait, days, weeks, months ?
Didn't work for me, they said the gift card was only for new members
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