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Posted 30 January 2023

1 year of Peacock TV Premium for $29.99 / £24.24 (US VPN required) @ Peacock TV

£24.24£40.3940% off
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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Not as good as the deal before xmas, but for those who missed out you can now get 1 year of Peacock TV Premium for $29.99 (normally $49.99) for a limited time.
The code is NEWYEAR23 and should be autofilled from the link peacocktv.com/jan…R23

***Set your vpn to a US location***
This is for the US version only

App not available in UK Google Play store, so try apkpure dot com or Apkmirror dot com.

4K / UHD -peacocktv.com/hel…uhd.

Some are having issues. The following added their result.
Freshprince - I used a SmartDNS/Crypto.com card
More details from merchant
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    What football do you get ? Do you still need a vpn after signing up ? Thankd
    I got the deal back in November for 89p a month and have been watching most Prem games since. The good thing is I only have to connect to a US VPN to open the site and start a stream, as soon as its running I can turn it off and browse elsewhere as normal and the video keeps playing fine.
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    ** Required to operate **
    US vpn.

    It has been pointed out on other discussion sites that an app can read the issuing country of your sim. So if you are using on your phone and it doesn't work, turn on Aeroplane mode and use via Wifi.

    Last time this was issued, a problem seemed to arise with Surfshark, which was sorted with a commenter saying use the Openvpn protocol.
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    Any help on how to get the app working ( not available on uk store on google) when I try to watch the free stuff as a test in the website when on a phone it seems adamant that you need to use an app.

    Is there a trustworthy site to download the app from or would I need to sort out an American Google play account ?

    And any help getting the app on roku would be amazing (edited)
    Apkpure dot com.
    Apkmirror dot com
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    3x simultaneous streams too. So can be split 3 ways for £8ish. I use this with a SmartDNS. Paired with USA Network and Paramount+ I get all EPL and Champions League. Great services.
    How do you subscribe for USA Network?
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    Also wanted to ask to anyone who has ordered this, can you use a UK debit or credit card to place the order?
    This was my major stumbling block, though to cut a massive long story short, it worked with my nationwide cards , don’t know about others, though PayPal a non starter.
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    how is the picture quality ? is full hd or 4k and epl do they have 60fps?
    There is a link above about 4K & HD
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    Every game I have watched since the previous offer,, 1$ per month for 12 months back at beginning of December has been absolutely crystal clear, game only comes on 5/10 minutes before start and at end shows brief highlights of the game and finishes, commentary is in English or even Spanish in some games, just a heads up 99% of the time the early and late Saturday game is transferred over to their sister station nbcsn, along with the Sunday 4.30 game and Monday night, for those watching in USA it’s simple, our equivalent is changing from bbc1 to bbc2, even at this price a no brained, However when I signed up I had to give a USA address, checkout original thread it tells you how to do it, I am not techy in anyway.
    What VPN you using?
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    Quick question. There is talk in the comments about VPN's and also Control-D.

    When watching content, do you need both? I thought it was one or the other. I know I can use a VPN but if I use Control-D, do I still need the VPN?
    Control-D You can just use that for watching peacock tv
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    One way of doing it:
    Setup an Amazon.com account
    Register a fire stick with that account. Don’t subscribe to prime
    Load NordVPN onto fire stick connect to Amazon App Store on fire stick. Choose peacock app and install 
    Sign up to Peacock online get login details for fire stick (google valid Zip codes)
    Pay (I used Revolut)
    Login on fire stick connected via US vpn

    You can use the same technique for HBOmax

    on an iPad you can do the same with a US Apple Store account (I haven’t done this with peacock yet though)

    The advantage of using AppStore’s rather than side loading is that the apps update automatically and you do t have to visit dodgy sites 
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    Paying is the biggest issue, am going to set up a crypto.com card.

    Update 1
    DIdn't work, even with vpn and airplane mode

    Update 2
    Tried on PC multiple cards, including crypto.com virtual visa, they didn't work.
    Cleared cache, incognito with vpn.
    Always get an error to try a diferent card or payment method.
    As someone else mentioned paypal is a no go. (edited)
    If I recall I did it on a PC using a clean browser with Controld SmartDNS
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    so this is smut for the poorly endowed?
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    Managed to get it working using a visa electron travel card from millennium bcp.
    This is payment will not be accepted, trick is to have it memorised by the site, so when you refresh it, the upgrade option will appear. While paying turn off the vpn like some one mentioned.
    So basically used nord vpn/ visa electron. With vpn off while pressing upgrade button.
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    49457290-CA3eH.jpgPaid using Revolut,
    Created an account (confirmed email etc)
    Used fake address generator
    Imputed my card details first payment failed, closed the tab opened a new one logged in went to my account section selected upgrade account $4.99 p/m it had remember all my details from my previous attempt, entered the promotion code NEWYEAR23 on the right hand sidei t changed to a annual subscription clicked pay, Revolut notification asking to verify payment bosh done all with Windscribe VPN active
    Just can't get it to work for me. First few failed an then I got to the stage of it asking me to open the Revolit app to confirm the payment so thought it was working. Went back to Peacock and it just failed again. Tried a few more times and I can't even get to the stage where it wants me to open the Revolut app to confirm payment??
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    Do they have any exclusives
    Yes quite a few.
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    Installed app through apk, but it just does not let me interact with anything, it opens and all.
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    Yes, needs a vpn set to USA.
    DNS is much better no loss of speed.
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    Can you use a VPN to download the Peacock app to a Firestick or Apple TV box?
    Change your region on AppleTV to USA to download. On fire stick just side load.
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    Can you use a VPN to download the Peacock app to a Firestick or Apple TV box?

    No vpn required to download the app. Just go to apkpure . Com on the firestick browser. (edited)
    Go to a browser. change your your contents and settings back to USA..
    Then it lets you access the american apps and push them to any Fire TV device.

    Just remember to change your contents and settings back to amazoon.co.uk

    This way your app will automatically be updated instead of going the apk route
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    Shame it's for new customers. :-(

    Heat though
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    Is any of the content in 4K or all HD do you know?
    Would like to know also
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    Does this include WWE?
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    It's included in HayU if you have that or don't want to mess about with the VPN, but that'll cost your £4.99/month
    No it is not.
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    Their coverage of the Daytona 24hrs was atrocious. More ad breaks than racing.
    It was free on IMSA TV with John Hindhaugh commentating (I wouldn't watch anything else).
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  25. Avatar
    Use your regular credit card but disable VPN on the payment page (but not before).
    Didn't work for me.
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    Tried 3 times on card, once on paypal each time $1 dollar taken (0.81p) but says card declined but money still taken, will i get this back. Tried turning on vpn last minute didnt work for me
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    Isn't Peacock free with Sky?
    This is the US version.
    Hence needing a US location
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    if any one has the sub , how is the quality of the epl ? some say it is bad ,
    Quality is good...even better on apple tv as its 1080p...shield ain't bad either as long as your using a decent vpn/dns
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    Looks like it might be over.
    The offer page no longer seems available.
    Going to leave this live for a bit in case it is my phone or app that it recognises and won't offer it to.
    Worked for me 5 mins ago. Can also enter the promo code on the monthly payment screen and will amend
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    Resubscribed using CyberGhost vpn and Revolut card. Was looking for a deal for WWE network so thanks op
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    is there ads while watching live epl games?
    They don't break for ads during the game. You will see some logos in the corner and sponsored Player of the match, but none of it is disruptive.
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    What's the best VPN to use for watching on peacock TV? Any recommendations??
    I use Surfshark with no issue.
    Just remember to change back if you want to comment on HUKD
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    Does anyone know how I could get US TV via VPNs and not just catch-up, shows, sports. Like actual live US TV? Thanks (edited)
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    The tonight show with Jimmy Falcon....
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    Anyone succeeded ,can't get it to accept my cards
    Update it worked with my vanquis debit card ,turned VPN off at payment page
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    Good find
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    Any chance this works with Halifax clarity CC
    its very much hit and miss ,i originally tried everything ,dont bother with paypal,does not work, i eventually used my nationwide cards which worked ???? have no idea how or why, i am a dinosaur regarding all this, however was successfull in the end mainly due to the previous thread on peacock back in late nov/dec 22 lots of great info on that if still retrievable.I did have to provide a usa address and zip code which is easily found.,thats when the problem started, usa address but your card billed to uk???? though it appears this wass easily overcome by these virtual cc which i have zero knowledge.
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    I have successfully signed up. But can’t get the app so I can actually watch stuff. How do you guys get around that?
    What device you got?
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    i need to confirm this, i am sure i used on downloader,, firesticktricks.com/pea…ock tv or maybe without the "tv"bit,i will check asap for you.
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    What’s on Peacock?
    Are you asking for specifics, or "what is the site about?"
    It is far easier for you to look at peacocktv.com than for someone to reply, as it would be same as "what's on BBC?". Any answer might miss something you like
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