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Posted 10 January 2023

1 Year Vehicle UK Breakdown Cover (New Customers) £39 + £20 choice of Giftcard (Boots, M&S, John Lewis, Pizza Express, Costa or Gap) @ AA

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Seems to be a decent offer. Pretty much works out at £19.

if get deal link doesnt work -
You just need to change the url to:

* Get a £20 gift card of your choice when you buy UK breakdown coverOffer for new customers only.

This offer will be fulfilled on behalf of the AA by a third party (Xexec). You can choose from a range of retailers including Boots, M&S, John Lewis, Pizza Express, Costa and Gap.

You'll be sent a letter with details on how to claim your gift card, provided we've received full payment and you haven't cancelled your cover during the 14-day cooling-off period. If you have chosen to pay on an annual basis you will receive your voucher code within 6 weeks, if you have chosen to pay on a monthly basis then you will receive your voucher code within 12 weeks. We reserve the right to decline offer claims where payment has not been received or a refund has been given.

Offer is not available for existing Members or at renewal. Offer is not available in conjunction with any other offer or in a breakdown situation. This offer is available to UK residents only; 1 claim per membership only. There is no cash alternative and the AA reserves the right to withdraw or alter this promotion without prior notice at any time.

About your quote
1 Prices shown include insurance premiums payable to the insurer(s) and a fee payable under a separate contract between you and Automobile Association Insurance Services Limited (AAIS) for arranging and administering your cover. Please see the terms and conditions for more information.

Prices shown include an introductory discount and are for the first year only. Prices may be higher at renewal.

Commission disclosure
AAIS act for the insurer(s) in marketing their insurance products: AAIS is authorised to act for the insurer when entering into a contract of insurance with you on their behalf. AAIS may receive and retain commission from the insurer in respect of any insurance that you take out through it.

Your quote is based on the following details:

  • You’re driving a roadworthy car, motorbike, van, motorhome or minibus
  • Your vehicle (including any trailers or caravans) is under 3.5 tonnes and 8ft 3in (2.55m) wide

If you live in the Channel Isles or Isle of Man, or need cover for other situations, call us on 0800 294 6715.

If you have a fleet of vehicles, you need business cover.

AA membership is arranged by Automobile Association Insurance Services Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). You can check their register online.

Registered office: Fanum House, Basing View, Basingstoke, Hampshire RG21 4EA. Registered in England and Wales number 2414212.

Hope it helps someone
AA Breakdown Cover More details at AA Breakdown Cover
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  1. Avatar
    Please note this is for the base cover (once you add Home Start, National Recovery. Onward Journey etc) it is over £150...

    49276520-N2m7j.jpg (edited)
  2. Avatar
    Change the _ to . in the OP link
  3. Avatar
    If you break down at home - get ready to push.
    Or - register your "home" at another address...
  4. Avatar
    Did both cars with FULL cover for £50 via RescueMyCar.com, never looked back to RAC or AA (edited)
    Brilliant, mate. I just did 2 cars with full cover for £51.34, and a second later opted out from automatic renewal of AA
    - Roadside Assistance with Local Recovery
    - National Recovery
    - At Home Assistance (edited)
  5. Avatar
    Cant find it at that price.. even changing the url?
    Just tried it, it worked - theaa.com/dm
  6. Avatar
    Once you add all the useful extras, it't not that cheap. Actually cheaper to have a nationwide flexplus account with better AA cover and applies to two cars if a joint account - nationwide.co.uk/cur…er/
    At £13 per month for a packaged account that includes a bunch of things that you may never use or are cheaper elsewhere individually is way too much in my opinion bearing in mind that a host of companies offer full breakdown cover excluding Europe starting at £19.95 a year which isn't bad for motoring peace of mind. as in the Money Supermarket link a few comments down.
  7. Avatar
    I always buy the cheapest then usually get a email saying add home start for £5 or sometimes add for free after a few months of having the policy they recently on this policy after a few months added the key chain reward tags for free.
  8. Avatar
    Not working tried changing the link
  9. Avatar
    you can get cheaper overall breakdown deals through checking online price comparison websites, confused.com, moneysavingsupermarket,go compare,etc....
    I know some rate AA or RAC but I've never had any issues with others who use local recovery firms...
    I've noticed with AA and RAC they try to fix the issue if its minor, and with cheaper breakdown assists, they usually just try to tow you to your choice of garage.
  10. Avatar
    The ‘unlimited call out’ is actually limited to 9 call outs before it’s classed as excessive use 👌🏻
  11. Avatar
    I can’t get anywhere near this price??
    I dont think your supposed to.Reel you in and buy more than what you need is there game.Planting that seed of uncertainty.The RAC deal last night starts off for me at a modest £68,but if you add-on all the extra's it's then suddenly £268.At that price can or cant you afford to breakdown !!.I dont want there ( or really my £20 store credit ) i want breakdown cover.Good for some and not for others.
  12. Avatar
    Make sure you turn off any auto-renewal. My renewal was 10x more than my first years cover!
    Sorry don't believe this. My renewal has always been about the same or sometimes slightly less.
  13. Avatar
    Sorry AA are rubbish... Well most of them are so hard to chose a reliable one.
    Disagree, been with them many years and always been spot on when needed. (edited)
  14. Avatar
    £19 for an umbrella over your head when your car breaks down
    Bit exuberant with your umbrella pricing there

  15. Avatar
    One of the few companies I’ve used for a decade or more where I’ve had no negative experiences at all. In fact they’ve saved my bacon a number of times.
  16. Avatar
    Cold from me. Paid £26.51 for cover with LV/Britannia Rescue via moneysupermarket.com/bre…er/ You *might* get better slightly better service cover from AA/RAC if you're lucky, but personally just looking for minimal cheap cover for youngsters in their first cars when away from home.
  17. Avatar
    >¼ mile from home. Will tow you to a local garage, that's it. Basic...
    But still useful for some.
  18. Avatar
    39£ is basic 1/4 away from home roadside assistance
    At home assistance and above is for 89£
    National recovery and above is 129£
    Onward travel and above 159£
  19. Avatar
    Anonymous User
    Anybody with links to nhs should go via this link to get cheap cover that covers home, away, roadside, family etc

  20. Avatar
    Used AA three times last year and had no complaints at all.
  21. Avatar
    why would you not just use topcashback £120 for everything after cash back redeemed
    I know it’s a lot but for 3 day car hire every time car breaks down and parts and labour cover
    I didn't think it counted when paying monthly - I thought it had to be annual payments only?
  22. Avatar
    Bought cheers
  23. Avatar
    I got this last time and saved more than it cost via benefits discount. Saved £47 alone on new glasses at vision express. Plus pub restaurants discount.
    Yes I saved quite a bit in hungry horse but don't think the discount is on food & drinks now as it was then,only food 😄
  24. Avatar
    Ordered, thanks
  25. Avatar
    AA are decent
  26. Avatar
    Good price
  27. Avatar
    I have this, it's is very basic only works on( vehicle cover only ) (Roadside assistance only) Annual payment not monthly payment

    No national recovery, no home start, no onward travel, No monthly payment, No personal cover
  28. Avatar
    Note that it took over a month to be sent the voucher last time this was live
    yup, I've just purchased (with a selected start date of 12th March) and at the end it say up to 6 weeks for those paying annually and up to 12 weeks for those paying monthly.
    I wonder if that starts from the day I've paid (today) or when my policy starts (in 2 months)
  29. Avatar
    You need to chase for the voucher. I think its a month after you join, bit of a pain but they do send.
    I didn't chase the voucher last time, it just turned up when expected
  30. Avatar
    Rang them as my renewal was due tomorrow, got it at this price through the normal call centre. I wasn't bothered about the voucher and hassle of cancelling to sign back up again.
    We're you on a £39 cover and it was up for renewal. Just wondering when my £39 cover runs out.
  31. Avatar
    Is this personal cover where the driver is covered driving another car?
    No, single vehicle only on this offer.
  32. Avatar
    I have AA £36 and went through TopCashBack which paid me back 6 months later... I have also used the "benefits" a bit - 15% at Greene King pubs any day inc drinks was easy to do just before Christmas, just get a qr code and scan at till.

    I'd advise look at possible perks near you. (edited)
    My 15% off at Greene King excludes drinks
  33. Avatar
    Gah! It's the New Zealand AA logo again!
  34. Avatar
    I Would never take any breakdown where they take you to the nearest garage. From the garage point of view you are not their normal customer, have broken down as opposed to a repair where car is still running so you are at their mercy & you will probably be charged much more than using your own local garage. Situation gets even worse if your over 50 miles away from home
    That's why you opt for national recovery.
    Also I would think business is business and you'll likely get recovered to an approved garage.
  35. Avatar
    I keep switching between AA and RAC every year as the admin fee at the end of the year bumps up the price significantly!
  36. Avatar
    69 pounds to me
    Change the url to theaa.com/dm
  37. Avatar
    Any deals on a family plan?
  38. Avatar
    should get access to the smart benefits with this membership?
  39. Avatar
    You'd need to be a fool to just buy base cover, unless you genuinely never go out of your local area.
    It costs me £112 I think(can't remember right now) including national recovery. Silver membership or whatever and tbh it's been worth every penny of that.
    I've used them every year for some reasoyas I do a lot of traveling and I'd have been stuck or forking out a lot more if I didn't have it.

    Obviously if you don't travel much maybe it doesn't make sense to pile everything on, however you've got to be realistic and consider what you'd really need if it happened. No point in going for the cheapest package just for the sake of it.
  40. Avatar
    Dont do it. I waited 8 hours for AA Relay yesterday
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