10 birthday cards for £1 in card factory

10 birthday cards for £1 in card factory

Found 15th May 2014
10 cards from a good selection of new cards for only £1
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    my local in arbroath has a promotion with 7x 59p cards for a pound as well as this deal
    Saw this deal in my local yesterday. Some great new designs to choose from. Fab offer!
    Good deal been buying for a while now
    I don't even know 10 people

    I don't even know 10 people

    That's why I looked at it as 10 years' supply instead
    Seeing as I rarely send cards anymore, just do it on Facebook or in person, I think I'll get some of these. Nice to get a card in the post after all! How do Card Factory keep their prices so low?
    This is cheap considering how much you can end up paying for a branded card... Will get some on the wkd... Heat added
    They do other cards other than birthday in the 10 for £1. I got mainly all blanks inside or best wishes, get well, thanks, thinking of you etc.
    the normal price for cards is literally the biggest rip off going

    this is a great deal!
    these are great for the kids friends
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    Still on offer in some stores, also 7 for £1 is back
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