£10 bonus + Cashback on next £10+ purchase through Quidco

£10 bonus + Cashback on next £10+ purchase through Quidco

Found 19th Dec 2015
Just signed into my quidco account and this offer popped up on a screen saying- Earn 10 bonus + cashback for your next £10+ purchase through quidco.
Not for everyone, but worth a check. - check your email or just sign in to quidco.
Offer valid until midnight 31st Dec.
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Me to
Not on mine. Are you a premium member?
me too! Thanks!

Not on mine. Are you a premium member?

no im not premium member
not me
Was there on the main screen for me to opt in. Thanks OP
I am on premium and there is no deal for me!

Just checked hubby's and he is not premium but its on his account! Thanks!
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T&C No. 11.In order to qualify for the bonus the member must spend a minimum of £10 plus VAT and delivery at a retailer that offers cashback. Any transactions where no spend is required will not qualify for the bonus.

I take this as having to spend £12 excluding delivery. No biggie but a heads up for others

Not on mine. Are you a premium member?

​nope not a premium member.
I had this spent £10 at superdrug but they billed vat and item was priced at £8.33 so didnt qualify
I got this email too. Promptly headed to The Body Shop through Quidco - bought "£18" worth of stuff for misses - got my £10 back - got 40% discount, got free delivery also got free body butter as free gift. Think my end total was I spent £12 ish on my card and will get £10 back + 7% cashback.....feels like I have got it all for nothing lol.
Still waiting on £10 bonus from last time...hopefully will pay out.

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Recommend everyone takes a screen shot so there is no doubt about if you qualify or not, if Quidco subsequently pull the deal early like last time. Hindsight is a wonderful thing!
Last one didnt pay and not on my account this time.
Really happy to be a premium member
every couple of months i get a tenner offer from quidco. may be account specific...but could apply to a significant proportion of Ccounts at any one time.
Got this in email too - am NOT a premium member. Haven't used quidco in a long time either.
Reading terms and conditions says new members only?

*£10 cashback is awarded on transactions of £10 or more at Papa John's. This offer is available for new members with no previous purchases or cashback through Quidco. Available until 24/11/2015 or until 2,000 redemptions have been claimed on a first come first serve basis. Cashback will be put into the member's account before 07/01/2016. Available online only. Terms and conditions apply see quidco.com/pap…ber. **For full terms and conditions, see online. 100% of the money raised will be shared equally amongst the Text Santa charities, going directly to support vital work.
sure those who qualified in October won't qualify for this

Still waiting on £10 bonus from last time...hopefully will pay … Still waiting on £10 bonus from last time...hopefully will pay out.http://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/10-bonus-your-next-purchase-using-quidco-specific-accounts-only-2295889

Same hear.

Same hear.

I got this paid last week - maybe they are just doing it in batches ?

Same hear.

I messaged them when it didn't appear and they applied it for me
I'm still waiting on one from September, I'm sure they hope we forget about them
still waiting on my last one too... guess they save alot messing people around ping ponging emaiks
No email or popup on the account this time - so looks like I can't get the next batch - but hot for those who get it.
Got it, thanks
So... if I spend more than 12 quid at Amazon, do I still get the bonus even if it's not a transaction that qualifies for cashback? (cashback is only available on "pets" and "luggage" at the moment, which is a bit plop)
Any premium members have this?
I'm still waiting for my bonus as well! I am having to fight for it, had a case open and on going since October! They keep giving me the run around.
Hardly use quidco, so not a great experience for me.
Got my bonus from last time alright
didnt get mine as i brought clicked through amazon prime.
Finally got my cashback from October!
Just got my £10 from a purchase on 7th October. Other than the actual purchase tracking, there's no mention of a £10 bonus on Quidco at all (I'm sure I saw mention in the T's & C's that if you query, you're not eligible for the bonus, so just be patient!).
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