10 button Wireless Optical Mouse with USB Recharging Cradle - £6.98 delivered
10 button Wireless Optical Mouse with USB Recharging Cradle - £6.98 delivered

10 button Wireless Optical Mouse with USB Recharging Cradle - £6.98 delivered

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MLK- 10 Button Wireless Optical Mouse with USB Recharging Cradle is £6.98 inc Free delivery from Ebuyer.com

Cheap cheap price for a 10-button wireless mouse !

Features: Totally Wireless freedom, 27MHz digital radio technology, 1 channel 256 ID to avoid interference (2CH 512 ID optional), 800 DPI Optical precision, 3 lever power saving mode for mouse, Mouse come with 10 programmable buttons, rechargeable function for mouse, Mouse charge from to USB Part or AC/DC Adapter optional, 10 buttons with scrolling wheel, 1 connect button, Two AAA 600mAh Ni-MH batteries for mouse, System Requirement: Windows 98,Windows 98SE,Windows2000,Windows XP ,Windows ME ,Macintosh OS 8.6 or higher


eBuyer won't do free delivery to Northern Ireland, and also add £15 on top of their normal delivery charge! That makes this mouse about £25!! What a rip off.


You're right georgyboy the postage rates to Northern Ireland are extortionate , but this is still a really good buy for anyone in the mainland

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Why is it so expensive to post to NI ?

Royal Mail doesnt charge extra.


[SIZE=1]You're right edi, Royal Mail don't charge any extra as its part of Great Britain.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1]Do ebuyer use a courier service? Maybe they charge extra for that trip overseas :confused: [/SIZE]

Yup, just had a whole bunch of things arrive this morning (including the Electric Guitar Kit deal that was posted a few days back! - My brother's playing it now) and they came by City Link. So I guess it is a special courier, which must be why the extra charge, but I don't work for them so I don't know.


Worth reading the reviews - although largely positive, it doesn't sound like the most practical mouse in the world. It still takes batteries which have to be charged via USB connection - so your PC has to be on in order to charge the mouse, and if your PC is on, won't you want to USE the mouse?

It apparently takes 6-8 hours to charge for 12-14 hours use. So which is cheaper - 6 hours of your PC switched on or 6 hours of a battery charger plugged into the wall?


Most Wireless mice with Charger Cradles work in this fasion ]BristolDeal.
I understand the dilemma though, I haven't read the reviews, but if you are using a USB port on the motherboard does it not charge when the PC is off, I know some do still provide power even when the PC is off.


This is now available for the same price in Lidl. So you can pick it up straight away instead of waiting fot delivery.

Im thinking of getting it as i want something cheap for playing my games and i can see the extra buttons being useful.

Has anyone received theirs and would you recomend this for games?

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Thanks gd_miester :thumbsup:

Sorry, I cant answer your query as I dont have one. Can someone who has this reply please ?
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