10 Cadbury Cream Eggs for just 99p @ Approved Food

10 Cadbury Cream Eggs for just 99p @ Approved Food

Found 12th Jul 2010
If your a choccy fiend like me don't miss out on this hot deal i just found! 10 cream eggs for only 99p!


Magic? This is perky nipple cold.

£5.25 delivery, cold cold cold.

item price is great but delivery kills it! very cold!

When showing the item price you need to add any compulsory extras, such as delivery charges. Thus it is not 99, which would be a cracking deal, and I would snap them up, unless you can pick them up, without needing to pay for delivery.

Don't worry, many people who're not that experienced here make this simple mistake!

Delivery is £5.25 most of the British mainland, or £10.50 for Scottish Highlands and £12.00 for offshore islands. It doesn't state what Northern Ireland would be - I'm guessing that they want to charge £12 for this, which seems scandalous, though I don't know their delivery method and real costs.

Edit- they may do collection for this, as their sites shows the following -

' For collection of orders - please ring 0114 360 0061 with your order number to arrange collection date and either Andrea or Kelly will sort the rest'. approvedfood.co.uk/sta…ges

Thus I fully apologise to the poster, and have voted hot, as an in-store type deal. They just need to get better delivery charges for everyone.

Who approved this company?

Just to pick up on equalityforall's comments, the delivery charges quoted are for orders of up to 28Kg! Would anyone know just how many Cadbury Creme Eggs such an order would come to? Ah, I see they've thought of that already, one box only per customer it seems. :-(

if you can collect then its a great deal
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