£10 cashback and a free box of capsules when you buy Nescafe Krups Dolce Gusto Machine

£10 cashback and a free box of capsules when you buy Nescafe Krups Dolce Gusto Machine

Found 24th Jan 2008
I have just received this email from Nescafe Dolce Gusto, when you buy a coffee machine before the end of feb send them a copy of your till receipt and they will give you £10 cashback and send you a voucher for a free box of capules. The link is to the form needed to claim your cashback. All forms to be received by 29th Feb.
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does anyone actually like this stuff?

I am no snob but if their is something I feel passion about its my coffee, I grind fresh beans and use a Bialetti stove maker.. we have a Senseo machine in the loft conversion and I find that acceptable for a quick fix.. when I had a couple of tests of the Dolce machine I found it horrible, tasteless and not hot enough... I just think that anyone who enjoys coffee would not like it...
We have had a Dolce Gusto coffee machine for the last 12 months and find the cappucino and the latte are superb! Highly Recommended..!
Love mine - esp the Latte!

Jough - how hot does a coffee need to be? I like it to be hot enough that I can have it straight away and not have to leave it for 10 mins before you can raise the cup to your mouth.

Find I am now disaappointed when I'm in a cafe and ask for a Latte, nowhere near as nice as the nescafe ones
sorry peeps but I find them 'fake' tasting, better than instant but nowhere near as good as a stove maker, and as for cafe's a third of them don't know what a good coffee is... I know its sounds like im a snob, I really am not..
Great stuff, ive just bought 2 so hopefully get £20 back

and i personnaly really like this machine, the hot chocolate is gorge
I would really recommend this machine too, the cappuccino and the hot choc are just like what you'd get at these coffee places
my friend demo's these in comet and places like that

she made me one when she first got the job and I loved it

latte is lovely - btw I am a tea drinker

I suppose it comes down to individual taste - i would recommend try b4 you buy demo's usually take place over the weekend in comet/curries
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