10 Commandments [Ten] 50th Anniversary 3dvd Box Set £4.99 Or Less Delivered!

10 Commandments [Ten] 50th Anniversary 3dvd Box Set £4.99 Or Less Delivered!

Found 28th Oct 2006
The Ten Commandments 50th Anniversary 3 DVD Box Set is just £5.49 from HMV including delivery. Use QuidCo for cashback or the link opposite to go straight to the deal... Also for the lowest price this week only, the attached 50p off to make it £4.99 delivered!

From IMDb: Plot Outline: The Egyptian Prince, Moses, learns of his true heritage as a Hebrew and his divine mission as the deliverer of his people


Thanks Ray Here is a review on this excellent movie....

Classic film which still stands up today almost half a century later; Chuck Heston plays the prophet Moses (peace be upon him); the abandoned Hebrew raised in the house Pharaoh, a loyal servant of Amun-Ra who ultimately rejects idolatry, embraces monotheism, warns those cruel Egyptian Cabbalists that their time is at hand, and to beware the wrath of God, but did they listen?...No, and its just as well, because then we wouldn’t have that awesome parting of the Red Sea effect which, unbelievably, still has the power to move an audience.

This is pure, old school Hollywood spectacle, awash with Technicolor and brimming with weighty proclamations, an all-star cast (including a brilliant turn by Yul Brynner as the proud Pharaoh Ramesees), larger than life characters and some wonderful bouts of method overacting. Most of the best extras on this release (including Demille’s intro to the film) can actually be found on the Re-mastered 40th Anniversary VHS, nonetheless, this is must for film buffs and even includes Demille’s 1923 silent version.

MOSES: “There is a beauty beyond the senses, beauty like the quiet of green valleys and still waters. Beauty of the spirit that you cannot understand.”

Does he mean Hi-Definition Blu-Ray? Maybe, but until then, go forth into the wilderness and buy this awesome DVD, BY GOD, GO AND BUY IT I SAY!

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Thanks for adding the review edi

Brilliant, I can now replace my failing video copy.

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Welcome to HotUKDeals Quizzy There've been quite a few good DVD bargains lately...

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Great deal rayman thanks for this :thumbsup:

£5.99 now, still comes down to £5.09 with the 15% code

v & r 4 u!:thumbsup: ...better late than never.
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