£10 Credit Free with £20 Top Up @ Lebra

£10 Credit Free with £20 Top Up @ Lebra

Found 2nd Feb 2010
First time im posting .. so hope it goes ok

If like me your phoning abroad .. Lebara is a good network to use. At the moment if you top up £20 you get an extra £10 credit free !!! .. not bad at all .... running until the end of march

another little bonus as well .. if you know someone else on lebara .. you get 500 minutes and 500 text messages lebara to lebara mobile !


[COLOR=#00ADEF]National Tariffs[/COLOR] When you switch to Lebara Mobile you always get great value flat-rates whenever you make national calls from your mobile:

[LIST]]Lebara to Lebara calls & SMS: Free
Fair use policy apply, ]Terms & Conditions[/LIST] [LIST] Other UK Mobiles:10p
[/LIST] [LIST] UK Landline calls:10p
[/LIST] [LIST]UK Text Messages: 10p
[/LIST] [LIST]Picture Messaging: 25p per message
(for messages of up to 100Kbs)
[/LIST] [LIST]Video Messaging: 45p per message
(for messages of up to 100Kbs)
[/LIST] [LIST]Internet/GPRS: 50p per day
(up to 10MB of data transferred, 15p per MB thereafter)
[/LIST] [LIST]Calls to ‘0800/0845/0870’ prefix numbers: 10p
[/LIST] [LIST]Calls to other ’08’ prefix numbers: from 25p
[/LIST] [LIST]Calls to 999: FREE


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1st post .. because he has been removed beofre for spamming :x


look what I found on the web ...

Amandeep Singh Lambasales and promotion at Lebara Mobile

Funny how the poster has the same surname
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