10% Day at Homebase - 22rd & 23th August
10% Day at Homebase - 22rd & 23th August

10% Day at Homebase - 22rd & 23th August

10% off everything in store, even items already reduced*

*Exclusions apply, see in store for details


My local Homebase had a half price sale yesterday, so I went in and had a look. It really was a load of old dross, some items were incomplete or broken, some were still expensive even though the price had been halved and a lot of it was just odd.

I don’t go to Homebase very often, so whilst I was there, I had a look at things in general. It really was quite poor, almost everything was more expensive than elsewhere and some items were three times more expensive. The quality was no better than elsewhere and there was less choice than can be found in other DIY stores.

Why does anyone go there?

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Go back today or tomorrow and save a further 10% on that "load of old dross" :-D

Good stuff... managed to get "Henry" cheap last time on one of these weekends!

we saved alot of money during a previous 10% off day when we bought units and worktops for kitchen also ended up getting about £50 back in spend and save vouchers so voted hot.

Homebase is a rip of so taking 10 per cent of does not exactly do much for me lol

homebase currently got £10 off for every £50 you spend. I just bought £450 worth of marble tiles in SEPERATE transactions. 2 boxes per transaction as they were £26 each.
The vouchers are usually on customer services desk. You get £5 off for £30 aswell.
I did this during a wednesday afternoon to ensure they were quiet otherwise they can refuse to serve you as your taking the ****.
1 till bird actually challenged us saying you can't do it, 1 voucher per transaction, so swipe it through many times then?, NOPE you can't do it - so we shoved the voucher terms and conditions in her face and said - WHERE does it say i can't do that?.
She promptly did it.

I saved £95 on my tiles! Worth the hassle to enter your pin code 10 times.
Just make sure its not a halfiax card as they can get funny about multipul transaction in the same shop on the same day. I used MBNA no prob.

When i went to tops tiles they were £45 per box, so in this case homebase was cheaper, especially as they were already reduced from £35 to £26 plus another fiver with the voucher.
2 boxes - £53, so down to £43.

I always leave massive DIY to holiday season just to get best price.
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