£10 Dinner For Two @ Waitrose

£10 Dinner For Two @ Waitrose

Found 9th Sep 2009
Prepared meal + salad or veg accompaniment + dessert + wine or box of chocolates for £10

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Waitrose beef & chianti lasagne (700g)
Waitrose caramelised onion feta rosemary pizza (485g)
Waitrose easy chicken breast joint with lemon stuffing (500g)
Waitrose easy chicken kiev (290g)
Waitrose easy salmon en croute with lemon & dill (370g)
Waitrose moussaka lamb (700g)
Waitrose piri piri chicken (420g)

Waitrose potato rösti (270g)
Waitrose creamy mash (450g)
Waitrose Italian side salad (170g)
Waitrose rainbow side salad (170g)
Waitrose ready prepped chef's selection (250g)
Waitrose ready roast potaotes rosemary & garlic (400g)
Waitrose ready shelled peas ready sliced beans (260g)

Waitrose pineapple,kiwi mango & blueberry (300g)
Seriously chocolatey 2 chocolate & orange tarts (140g)
Seriously chocolatey chocolate cheesecake (2x90g)
Seriously chocolatey pots au chocolat (2x100g
Seriously creamy 2 raspberry & custard tarts (135g)
Seriously lemony lemon possets (2x100g
Seriously smooth raspberry pannacotta (2x120g)

Italia Pinot Grigio (75cl)
Italia Primitivo (75cl)
Lily O'Briens contemporary collection (150g)

This offer is valid from 9-15 September 2009. Applies to selected lines … This offer is valid from 9-15 September 2009. Applies to selected lines only.

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Hot deal very nice food. Dont forget if you are a new customer you can get £30 your first three orders hotukdeals.com/ite…ho/
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