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10% discount Asda & George in-store now extended until 31st of March 2023 for Blue Light Card Holders

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10% discount Asda & George in-store now extended until 31st of March 2023 for Blue light Card holders

The discount is available in all Asda’s 633 stores across the UK and includes food and soft drink, George at Asda clothing and homeware, toys, gifts and optical. Blue Light Card holders can receive the discount by presenting their physical card to a member of staff at the checkout or self-service area. Please note that you may be asked to provide additional ID when redeeming the Asda offer in-store. This is to ensure that only eligible members receive the discount. Accepted forms for secondary ID include anything with your name on including a bank card, driving licence or passport.

How to Claim
Show Blue Light Card with accompanying matching ID or bank card
Asda More details at Asda

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    Old news..
    To you maybe but I'm sure it will be handy for others that don't know it's been extended until March 31st 2023 because I didn't as an example. It was initially ending on the 31st of this month. So it's new news to me hence I posted. (edited)
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    what about teachers etc that work equally hard for a puny wage? meanwhile NHS managers on 150k+ that are non-patient facing get the discount????
    Each organisation has its own perks, there are circa 30 that are eligible for blc not just the NHS.

    Maybe someone should argue that NHS staff should get every bank holiday week off work as well as Christmas and the summer holidays?

    One way or another some one will not be happy!
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    Asda excluded their essentials range from BLC 10% discount proper shady.
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    Can you use this online?
    Sadly not as you have to show your ID and BLC card in-store with yourself present.
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    Guys please also see this:…367

    Hopefully it helps some out this winter. Thank you all and merry Christmas and a happy new year to you all!
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    Been held captive by ASDA for months now.
    Have not visited any other Supermarket now in months and months.

    Asda rewards - absolutely fabulous, spend more and more
    10% ongoing Blue Light Discount

    No need to visit other supermarkets.

    The other supermarkets have missed massive a trick, my ASDA is always heaving!

    Well done Asda
    Food is very poor quality compared to Aldi/Lidl. Better than Tesco though.
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    Guessing you are just about to finish your night shift on Christmas morning (2 hours late) and you’ve got someone else’s blood and excrement on your knees, ready to be back in for 1800 tonight to do it all again, perhaps get punched or stabbed or abused tonight. Retrain into blue light or frontline mate if you are that butt-hurt about 10% off some carrots from Asda. Crying out for staff! (edited)
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    But what about bin men?
    Do they have blue lights on their trucks?
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    Nice deal for the hardest working public sector workers . Carried the nation through the coronavirus pandemic. Hopefully they make it a permanent offer. Gives a great helping hand considering many are struggling to make enough money on their current wages.
    Totally agree. Thank you!
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    Thanks OP
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    Hopefully this will offset their petrol prices!
    Depending on where you live BP is currently competing with Esso so decent price drops there. If your with Costco and that's easily accessible go there as they are cheapest from what I've been advised.
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    My nearest Asda is 8 miles away. Just not worth the petrol/time cost unless I spend £80+. I buy 6% discount card for Sainsbury's. Otherwise a good deal.
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    Typically I forgot when spending a small fortune in there the other week!
    Funny you should say that I did the same a blimming £187 worth of a shop and forgot both my BLC and my Asda rewards card too.
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    Previously posted
    Oh really when? link?
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    I like others spent neatly £200 in there the other day and forgot to use BLC I’ve still got my receipt. Wonder if Customer Services would honour my mistake and refund 10% on my debit card? Anyone tried this yet?
    No they will not honour it