10 for £10 Versace lipsticks is back!!!

10 for £10 Versace lipsticks is back!!!

Found 21st Jan 2009
as the title says
Who hasn`t heard of Versace? The name itself is synonymous with the ultimate in fashion and cosmetic beauty and is a symbol of the distinctive and the sophisticated. One can always expect opulence from this fashion house icon - and its cosmetics range delivers that, beautifully. If you want something that stands apart from the crowd, you just found it.

Versace cosmetics. the ultimate in luxury. Versace's Wet Lipgloss forms a light luminous veil on the lips. It gives a brilliant and soft effect, ensuring a subtle, unique and natural look which leaves lips soft, glossy and glamorous. It wears well alone or over another lipstick. All Versace lipstick products have Trehalose, Coralline Algae, and sun filters, to provide protection from both the signs of ageing and the sun's rays. SPF 12.

This set consists of 10 assorted shades of these luxury lip colours , in their boxed tester format. These are the samples which the manufacturer inserts into its department store stand for customers to try ( and hence say not for sale on them). The stock is brand new unused ( of course ) and gives you a collosal saving against the full price of the department store item.
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Sorry, just beat you to it, lol
Got them last time for the wife. She was well chuffed. :thumbsup:

Like me most folk got 5 different colours X2 ....not 10 different colours. :?
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Good find, direct link


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Why ?

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