10 Free Driving Music Tracks
10 Free Driving Music Tracks

10 Free Driving Music Tracks

just click the download link near the bottom right of the page its number 06 and then you can download or listen to any of the tracks.


I must be getting old - don't know any of the tracks

Not really what I would like to drive to so neutral from me.



Dont know any of them :?

The Cannie Buyer;2711787

I must be getting old - don't know any of the tracks

:thumbsup: Yeah i agree although i recognised the track by A.Human ( A Horse with no Name ) - i think this was done by America in the 70's was'nt it?:roll:
Still I've downloaded them & I like some of the tracks so I am going to vote u hot & give u some rep.

don't know any of these...how old am I at 44???? Voted hot despite this as someone somewhere can benefit I am sure! LOL

Aren't these just unknown bands. Probably downloaded off the bands own myspace sites :pirate:

ah harrr me heartie


worth checking out for the infadels track which is one of the catchiest pop rock songs i've heard this year.

Lol it just depends how much you're into indie music, although they're not obscure unknown bands they're just not mainstream, that's probably why you haven't heard of them, so be assured that its not your youth fading

Personally I don't think anything can top listening to Meatloaf "bat out of hell" when you're driving, but its still a good freebie! Thanks!


"I need a heeeeeerrrrrrrro"

Don't know 'em, but can't complain at anything that didn't cost me a penny, :¬)

Me too, never heard most of them...I must be getting old. :?

haha at the song " free things for poor people"

Thanks, a good chance to get to hear some new music!

Great find thanks! Not totally strangers, you must have heard tracks from Felix Da Housecat (look up Sinnerman in YouTube), the Infadels (Free Things for Poor People reached #1 this summer in the Indie charts) or Reverend And The Makers (Heavyweight Champion Of The World also was an Indie #1 and topped at #8 in the general charts and #4 on iTunes, and featured on Now That's What I Call Music volume 67). As for the other songs, one features Corinne Bailey Rae (now you've got to know her!), and another is from co-writer of Snow Patrol songs Ian Archer, and Shy Child is a band indie fans might have seen at many concerts and festivals (Wembley Stadium, O2 Wireless Festival, Reading Festival etc.).

Anyway it's free, just give them a try, if you don't like them just delete them, hopefully many of us will enjoy at least some of them! Voted hot, you've gotta love a freebie.

it's a good freebie!

I'm 18 and i've only heard shy child - drop the phone.

anyway, I don't like indie that much.. they're free so can't complain.

Christ, listening to that lot would make you want to drive into the nearest tree... :roll:

thanks, H&R added
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