10 Free Linux Ebooks For Beginners
10 Free Linux Ebooks For Beginners

10 Free Linux Ebooks For Beginners

As the title, 10 books to get you started with the Linux OS:

1) Introduction to Linux - A Hands on Guide

Author: Machtelt Garrels
Format: HTML

2) Bash Guide for Beginners

Author: Machtelt Garrels
Format: HTML

3) Rute Users Tutorial and Exposition

Author: Paul Sheer
Format: HTML

4) The Linux Starter Pack

Author: Paul Hudson
Format: PDF

5) FLOSS Manuals

Author: FSF
Format: HTML & PDF

6) The Easiest Linux Guide Youll Ever Read

Author: Scott Morris
Format: PDF

7) Linux Knowledge Base and Tutorial

Author: James Mohr
Format: PDF

Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference

Author: Keir Thomas
Format: PDF

9) Linux Newbie Administrator Guide

Author: Peter and Stan Klimas
Format: HTML

10) Slackware Linux Basics

Author: Dani?de Kok
Format: HTML


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I'm running the latest Ubuntu Netbook Remix on my Acer Aspire One (unfortunately, not a Tesco one!) and it's great. Give Ubuntu a try - You have nothing to lose but your chains!

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The ubuntu book is pretty good.

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Nice i need these bad lol

I also just switched to with Ubuntu Netbook Remix on Dell Mini 9 and really liking it , speedwise and good eyecandy - nice surprise that it now supports mobile broadband without any modifications for different dongles.
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