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10 Free o2 Texts every Month (online)
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10 Free o2 Texts every Month (online)

Posted 6th Sep 2007

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

I haven't seen this on here, and it's a freebie so i thought I would give it a go incase somebody gets use out of it!

On the o2 website, go to (send free text message) and you will be asked to register, you will then be able to use the 10 free texts every month, that's 10 free texts, which can be sent to any uk mobile, and it's free, it's pretty self explanatory, but it does explain itself it much better detail on the site so read if you want to! (it's o2 so you don't get any spam text messages or anything like that)

As far as i know it works with any network (for example if you are on orange, you can still register your mobile number on the o2 website to recive the free txts)

It's probably not the best deal in the world, but texting off this o2 website is much easier, faster, and safer than using other free SMS web services

Be gentle as I am unsure as to how you guys will respond to this deal... but... it's a freebie, it's handy, and it's not a virus or spam... so should be ok
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This used to be 30 free texts but they reduced it a while back, 30 was good!!!
haha i bet
I personally never tend to use this, but it's always there!
unfortunately the texts dont build up if you dont use them (n)
It's just 10 every month
it was better when it was 30 a month, but 10 is still not too bad for use in an emergency

they also offer you and @o2.co.uk email address which I use extensively for signing up for various offers and as a mostly throw away email - their spam filtering is pretty decent - catches about 200-300 a week on my account - it does grab all the @simalert.com ones though, so I do review the spam filter

didn't realise it would accept other networks though, I assumed you had to be on o2 to use the service

voted hot - as I've been using it for years and serves me well :thumbsup:
it used to be 600
then 300
then 30
now for the last two years or so its been 10.

Better than nothing
useful every so often but there is a website for you real text junkies i can't remember it but i think its been posted on here before.
[url]www.cbfsms.com[/url] ?

[url]www.cbfsms.com[/url] ?

Yer that's another one, although it can be slow, very limited characters, and it's not like it's an official mobile phone website unlike o2.
Still useful if your a REAL text junkie haha :P
You can sign up more than one number...I've given the numbers of some of the free sims I've got so I have different accounts there, each with 10 texts a month. : )
yep, a lot of people do that :P
i been sending 30 free txts through the orange website the last 5 years.
I've been using this for quite a few years, from it used to be 300 free a month. Can sometimes be unreliable, but there again texting from your phone can!

You can sign up for more than one number, I have 3 (greedy I know!) also, at least one of those numbers are for a phone than is 'binned' now.

Voted hot, as a good service to use. :thumbsup:
been going for a long long time the free txts at O2 i have had the free O2 txts over a year now and it was more than 10 before they cut it down lol

but still vote this hot i will
Hello Baaby .. I Love You Tooo ...I Miss you already unoe lolxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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