10 Free PSP Go games  until Aug 31st

10 Free PSP Go games until Aug 31st

Found 4th Jun 2011
I found this a while ago but in searching about the free games you get with the welcome back offer I found this.
I know it was posted quite a while ago but I don't think it's been mentioned (correct me if I'm wrong) about this offer being extended, it will work until August 31st 2011 giving people another 2 months from now. I think originally it was meant to end last year but it was extended as of march this year)


To qualify for this offer, you must be 18 years or over and you must have purchased a PSPgo system in one of the following countries on or after 1 April 2010: Australia, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, India, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Arab Emirates or the United Kingdom.


Main steps to get it to work
- Go onto PS Store from your PSP Go
- Download the psp go promotional theme
- Then within 30 days you will get a promotional code via email
- Input this code into the redeem code section on PS Store on your PSP Go
- Get downloading your 10 free games


The games you can get are
2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa
Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines
Gran Turismo
MotorStorm Arctic Edge
WipEout Pure
Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice
Need for Speed SHIFT
James Cameron's AVATAR: The Game.

(note, LittleBigPlanet and Persuit Force are both also available in the welcome back offer as well for the next month so as long as you're eligible for both this and the welcome back offer you could get a total of 12 games if you chose to get Modnation Racers and Killzone from the Welcome Back offer)
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Hi. I got mine early than stated. Does this mean I can't do it?

Hi. I got mine early than stated. Does this mean I can't do it?

If you (or a previous owner; if the console was pre-owned) have not created a new, or used an existing, PlayStation Network account on the PSPgo console (& it is one from the regions quoted by the model references [in my "Misc" thread, above]), then you can still take advantage of the offer.

If you have connected to PlayStation Network already then, no.

The original offer (that has been extended twice now) was to promote the console to the owners that purchased after previous offers (of different game titles) expired.

Have you previously taken advantage of earlier offers for free downloadable titles?


Its so stupid that my 10 free psp games clash with the 2/4 offered free by psn welcome back...technically no option to choose for me that way.
They ran this several times last year as well - pspgoprices.co.uk/art…asp , but they've stopped making the PSP go now, so this could be the last time they run this promotion.
Save your money for a Playstation Vita

Save your money for a Playstation Vita

10 free games that will will likely be playable on on the Vita as well (they said it would be backward compatible with downloaded PSP games).

Buy now, sell the PSP Go 2nd hand, and re download the games on your Vita at the end of the year!
I wish they'd update the PSP GO instead of the Vita... I love the idea of download-only, no-cartridge, slim/ultraportable gaming. Too bulky to carry both a Vita and a mobile and keys and whatever else.
Who would want a PSP anyway?
Does this still work ?
I've had a PSP Go for months now, but its getting pointless now as I only have one game on it

Does this still work ?I've had a PSP Go for months now, but its getting … Does this still work ?I've had a PSP Go for months now, but its getting pointless now as I only have one game on it

Yes it does. Just download the theme (as it says in the OP), and your registered email address will be emailed the code within 30 days, put that code into playstation store and you get the 10 games.
Doesn't run out until the end of August
ugh they are still dragging this offer out - i feel conned as originally i was told the deal was a limited time thing - i paid £180 on ebay for a sealed psp go just so i would have these 10 free games as i felt it was worth it.

suffice to say ive barely played any of them, so yeah i got screwed as now the console is like £80 or something like that.

still, the 10 games plus 2 free from welcome back, god of war that i bought and a couple of other cheapies means ill have plenty to redownload on ps vita when i nab that.

oh and at least when the deal was originally on the 10 games were better - simply because you got GTA Vice City Stories instead of the terrible Beaterator. and even that was changed from the originalplan of jak and daxter (wish i got that one over GTA).
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