10 Free Songs off iTunes

10 Free Songs off iTunes

Found 12th May 2010Made hot 13th May 2010
My first post, so take it easy please!

I found this deal on a facebook advert, seemed to look good so I took a look.
To be eligible for this deal you'll need a MySpace & an iTunes verified account, no Facebook account needed.

(Just in case the gotodeal isn't working)

It's not 10 free songs of your choice sadly, it's 10 pre-chosen songs.
Here's the list;

"Band Aid" - Pixie Lott
"Wish I Stayed" - Ellie Goulding
"Better Off As 2" - FrankMusik
"No Other One" - Taio Cruz
"Lamplight" - Bombay Bicycle Club
"You're Not Alone" - Tinchy Stryder
"This Momentary" - Delphic
"Always Up With You" - Alphabeat
"No Roots" - Amy McDonald
"Pumpkin Soup" - Kate Nash

So, a good mix of pop songs.



Very good find!

good stuff should get very hot, loving bombay bicycle club right now


So what do you have to do

good deal, but who use myspace this days


So what do you have to do

copy and paste the link in the op, then sign into mysapce or make an accoutn and sign in, click download here, copy the code and then click on redeem and enter code and it should download automatically done

Cheers for posting, heat added

sweet, always good to try new things - helps if you are logged into both myspace and have itunes booted up first

agree with dingddd ...... didnt think anyone used myspace anymore? Long live facebook!!!

so no way to get this deal if you dont have myspace?

gunna say i commited social suicide with my myspack account just have fb and twitter although i dont use twitter tbh.

Thanks OP! All done!

What I find funny about the link is its myspace.com but at the end it says its a Facebook campain lol, are they working together hahah

Thanks a lot.

I'm probably being an idiot, but can't see how to download it off myspace?


had to sign up but was worth it!

Good work!

Any chance someone could zip these tracks up and put them on rapidshare or something please?


Thank u

Thanks OP, do myspace do this kind of thing often?


Thanks a lot.I'm probably being an idiot, but can't see how to download … Thanks a lot.I'm probably being an idiot, but can't see how to download it off myspace?Thanks.

Click this big button on the right;


gives you a code to redeem and a link straight to where you insert it.
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