10 GU10 LED Bulbs Energy Saving 1W £18.88 @eBay (powerfulled2010 ) +Quidco/TCB
10 GU10 LED Bulbs Energy Saving 1W £18.88 @eBay (powerfulled2010 ) +Quidco/TCB

10 GU10 LED Bulbs Energy Saving 1W £18.88 @eBay (powerfulled2010 ) +Quidco/TCB

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I've bought a lot of these and they are brilliant. I thought the jump from 50W old school bulbs to 9W energy saving bulbs was impressive but these use just 1W.

There are higher powered ones if you need them for a little more money http://****.co.uk/Pow…563

Don't forget quidco/topcashback!


I have some 25w equivalents in my kitchen but they just aren't bright enough, I've had to put a 50w halogen into 2 of the sockets just to be able to cook!

10 LED bulbs for £18.88? Surely there's some catch?

Would be great for secondary lighting.

These 20W equivalent ones won't be that bright at all...

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I use them in all rooms except the kitchen... in the kitchen i use these http://****.co.uk/ws/…dll?ViewItem&item=190512533565&ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT#ht_3900wt_991


Spelling mistakes on their listing makes me a little cautious.

I have used this company before, and the bulbs arrived no problem.

However, even the most powerful and expensive of these LCD/LED bulbs, the 21 LED SMD, didn't come close to matching the existing 50W halogens in my kitchen unfortunately. The room has a high ceiling, and it depends on what you are using them for, but I'd say they aren't suitable for main room lighting (though I am still using some of them covering areas of the room which don't need the light so much). Try out 1 before you buy a load I'd say.


10 LED bulbs for £18.88? Surely there's some catch?

they are old technology (a lot of led's). new ones are hi power (search for cree leds) and make more light with just 1-3 leds.

This are the poor quality ones

I've had led before and 1 watt won't do anything. also the leds last a long time but it's the power component (240ac to 12v) inside that fail. most that i bought on ebay went faulty very quickly. when you start seeing cree ones going cheap then it'll be worth looking at.

The Cree LEDs I've found not to be that great (comparable with a 25-30 watt normal light.) However I was pleasantly surprised with the 'old technology' 60 LED bulbs from a company called Lustrum Light (lustrumlight.co.uk/Led…ite, but I found them on ebay.)

In the same fitting I could not spot a difference in light output between them and a 50 watt light; in the case of the kitchen you may want to try the 78 led / 60 watt equivalents.

(I've no connection with the company except as a customer.)



As above don't waste your money. Even if you put all 10 of these up on your ceiling you still wouldn't be able to see anything......

what about for outdoor use? I was thinking even if the light is not great that they would be good enough to run as a bit of lighting outside? I would want warm white as im really keen on the light from the bright leds

As stated by others these are great for secondary or supplementary lighting as light output (Lm) is low but what do you expect for a 1W lamp at under £2. If you want the latest tech with higher light output search for "SMD 5050" GU10 lamps at 3W+ expect to pay about £4 but will pay for themselves within 12 months and last over 5 years (average use)
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