10% Home Movers Discount Card

10% Home Movers Discount Card

Found 4th May 2007
Originally posted in wrong place, sorry, so recently moved home myself, and as an Estate Agent this is a fab deal, I even got discount on delivery for a great value leather look tub sofa we bought, thats a whole different post.

If you have just moved home or are about to, ask for an exclusive FREE Homemovers advantage card and get a 10% saving for six months when you shop in-store at FOCUS*.

It doesn't cost you a penny to take advantage. Simply fill in the application form on the back of one of our leaflets in-store and take it along with proof that either you've moved home sometime in the last six months or that you are just about to move.

A copy of any of the following documents is acceptable: Conveyance, Solicitor's Bill, Estate Agent's Bill, Removal Bill, Rental Agreement or Rent Book. Hand it to us at the Information Desk and your Homemovers Advantage Card will be issued straight away.

The FOCUS Homemovers Advantage Card entitles the authorised signatory to a discount of 10% on all purchases*

*Excluding livestock, pet food, gift vouchers, goods from in-store concessions, or goods on the Internet, and such other products as FOCUS my specify from time to time.

The card cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount card or money off voucher or major discount promotion as specified. FOCUS reserve the right to change the conditions of use or withdraw the card without prior notice. The FOCUS Homemovers Advantage Card is valid for 6 months from the date of issue.
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Thanks for re-posting this and for the information
Thanks for telling the links, which meant I added the image, got to say this site is addictive, I find myself sneaking a look even whilst at work...just checking.
I got one of these when I moved and they have also sent through at least 3 temporary offer cards where you get 15% off! Since christmas I have been able to buy most things with 15% card. Well worth it.
I got one of these 13 years ago when I moved.
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