10 Horrid Henry Book Collection £6.99 @ Home Bargains

10 Horrid Henry Book Collection £6.99 @ Home Bargains

Found 5th Nov 2008
Was in Home bargains today and saw this book collection consisting of 10 books for just £6.99, my little brother already had they all and he paid £1.99 each for his so seems a very good price. thoght it would make a good little stocking filler. Hope this is of use to anyone!!!!


Plenty of Horrid Henry books for £1 @ Poundland too, if thats an option for some


i spotted these in sheffield store today.

how annoying. I must move house nearer to one of these shops

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Thats also very good from poundland. might see if theres any hes missing and just get him them from there. thanks:thumbsup:

Alternative collection is ]15 for £13 from The Book People.

I must pop in tomorrow, my little boy has these books on his xmas list!! Lets hope they have them in the whitley bay store. Thanks
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