£10 less than Online - Urban Racers 12" bike £39.97 @ Tesco

£10 less than Online - Urban Racers 12" bike £39.97 @ Tesco

Found 6th Jan 2008
Urban Racer 12" Childs Bike with stabilisers just purchased from Tesco Talbot Green £10 less than Tesco Direct


great title - very informative...:roll:

One of the best deal titles

Give the guy a break, it's his first post and his first offer posted so he's allowed to not get it right straight away.
Still needs editing though!

Added image and "Urban Racers 12" bike £39.97 @ Tesco" to title... Please see the links in my signature for help on posting deals. Welcome to the forums PapaJ!!!

thanks for sharing this with us, and give the poster some gratutude, at least hes trying!

well done!

Why be so critical to new comers! You should be grateful to peoples deals or they would not be a site if they didnt post them.

Didn't realise it was their first post but still, it isn't hard to think of a clear topic name...
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