10 Magic Elves For 99p @ Home Bargins

10 Magic Elves For 99p @ Home Bargins

Found 19th Dec 2008
Thee Most Magical Chocolate Ever!
Bargin Price Tooo!


I always wanted my own Elve but 10 of them !!!


i bought a load of these the other day at Woolies(can't remember price) but I thought they'd look great in the stockings from Santa!!

Merry Christmas!

these are great! my kids love em

Even better than the 3 for 50p in Wilko's, thanks.

they were selling them in ours for 10p each, there amazing

picked up the cadbury apricot and crunchy bit bars yesterday 5 for £1
or 2 big bars for £1.50

bl**dy home bargain !!

They're 10p each in my Home Bargains - saw them being put out today....

ahhh i hope my local has them in i love them so much im not a chocolate person but these really do it for me heehee !

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Ohh I Love Them!
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