#10: Micro Vecron Peewee - Amazing Remote Controlled Toy - £14.95 or less (plus delivery)
#10: Micro Vecron Peewee - Amazing Remote Controlled Toy - £14.95 or less (plus delivery)

#10: Micro Vecron Peewee - Amazing Remote Controlled Toy - £14.95 or less (plus delivery)

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Ducky's Christmas Gift idea #10.

This was originally £19.95. Now been reduced to £14.95. Delivery still costs the same no matter what you buy, so remember to check you've ordered everythind you'll want for Christmas!! I've played with this and it's GREAT!!

Product: Micro Vecron Peewee
Available at: I want One of Those
Price: £14.95 (was £19.95!!)
Delivery: As little as £3.95 for standard delivery.
Discounts applicable: Check vocuehr section for £5/10% codes.
QuidCo: 10%

The Micro Vectron is a free-flying dream. Unlike many other hovery flying things, this wonderful gizmo truly is a piece of cake to fly. Simply charge it up (for a mere 14 minutes), point the infra red Remote Thrust Transmitter at it (i.e. the Remote Control in normal language), and you're off. It's almost disconcerting how easy this thing is to fly.

Micro Vectron PeeweeWe spent quite some time looking at it hovering and thinking "This can't be". A couple of lights on the top give a very neat extra-terrestrial effect as it flies, which makes it great fun to fly in the dark - it's all very 'The Truth is Out There'. As with any hovering thing, wind is not its friend, so it's for indoor use only - having said this we can't wait to take it out on a really still dry day to see just how high we can get it to go, and then wait for the Tabloid front cover shot and headline "Final Proof of Aliens on Earth". Suffice it to say, there was a heck of a lot of "my turn, my turn" in the office when we put it through its paces - and despite a lot of childish snatching and over-enthusiasm, it's still going strong.


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I really do recommend these. It's the most fun I EVER had with a remote controlled toy. It was easy to fly, gave me a great sense of power at being able to actually fly the thing and worked really well!! The only criticism I have is that the battery, like in most remote controlled toys, only lasted about 10 minutes. BUT, that's the beauty. No messing about with expensive 9-volt batteries with this thing... you just plug it straight into the mains and it's charged in 3 minutes. Which pleased me because i COULDN'T WAIT to get my hands back on this thing giving it another spin around the ceiling!! This does, however, require a 9V battery for the remote. Having said that, I was playing with the thing for hours and not once did that run down.


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i need help with this? i got mine and cant get it to fly! it just hover about 1inch above the floor?!

I bought one of these back from Abu dhabi, They are amazing, but very flimsy, as it is made out of polystyrene.

With regards to getting it to fly, is the battery charged to its max?....failing that u may have a dudd!

Also don't forget to use the bringme5pp code for a further £5 off making it £9.95 + delivery
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