10 Minutes a Day(R) AUDIO CD Wallet (Library Edition): French  £1.56 (from £36.40) @ Amazon

10 Minutes a Day(R) AUDIO CD Wallet (Library Edition): French £1.56 (from £36.40) @ Amazon

Found 19th Feb 2009
Another nice basket filler from Amazon.

A must have for people learning french

This title contains 6 CDs. The personalised instruction on these audio CDs is presented by fifteen different people with accents from around the world, and you will practice right along with them. Interacting with native speakers is a great way to become comfortable with the accents you will encounter while travelling. Your guides will take you through nearly eight hours of instruction, and they will always give you plenty of time to repeat what you are hearing. You will ask for a hotel room, order a meal, find the train to your destination, and greet people you meet along the way. As a bonus, while you're practising your new language, you will be entertained with original music and sound effects. The audio CDs are easy-to-use either on their own, or along with the companion 10 minutes a day[registered] Book.


Thankyou for this - i have just managed to place an order for this and also managed to get the equivalent in
learning spanish £1.56p
learning german £1.56p

so hopefully if they are any good then i will have 3 great bargains

Thanks :thumbsup:

Not forgetting the ever essential: voulez vouz couchè avec moi ce soir ;-) d'abord est que vous avez un preservative :oops:

Hot :thumbsup:

now it is showing £37.98...

yeah, gone up now. Shame, that

Unfortunatly too good to be true - after managing to place the order for all 3 the next day I got an e-mail from amazon general blah about 10000's of items sold every day and difficult to spot any errors etc...

long story short they cannot honour the incorrect price however if i wish to still purchase the item i need to reorder with correct price showing!!!!

good fast find - shame they spotted the 'apparent' error!!
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