10% of everything (20% off baby wear, 30% off maternity wear) in a 4 day deal @ mamas &papas

10% of everything (20% off baby wear, 30% off maternity wear) in a 4 day deal @ mamas &papas

Found 1st Nov 2012
An exclusive 4 day deal at mamas and papas. At least 10% off everything, 20% of baby clothes, 30% off maternity wear. starts 1st Nov
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Not impressed with mamas and papas here.
They've increased all the prices on the site to make the sale look good.
For example chamberlain nursery furniture collection has been £1,250 all year as far as I can tell.
They have put it up to a mysterious £1,550 crossed out with a new discount price of £1,125.

Which is 10% of this 'new' higher price they haven't charged since we've been looking at nursery furniture. But not 10% of their usual day to day price.

A far cry from their 'up to 50%' off furniture advert on the website and pretty sly tactics IMHO.
Buyer beware. Not impressed.

The smaller items such as jamboree range is 10% off genuinely, but lots of things have been artificially massaged to be far more attractive than it is.

Same for the fern collection.
Price yesterday was about £650 with no discounts (it's this price in independent retailers as well)

Now they are saying it is £584 reduced from £999!

Edited by: "k9mkii" 1st Nov 2012
K9mkii - thats probably the case and many retailers do that. Having said that, I ordered the Metropolis range on 29th October for £799 and noticed on the site its now redued to £719.95. I called up M&P Customer Care this morning and they refunded the difference without quibble!!! Nice and Hot!!!
We went on 31/10 with their voucher book, which was expiring that day. The staff worked out for me what would be cheaper with vouchers and what would be cheaper with this discount. We bought some items on vouchers and got 10% off the other items, even though the voucher didn't start to the next day.

We have also, in the past, had awful service from another M&Ps store, so they're not perfect. But I was impressed this time and none of the pushchairs, carrycot, car seat etc seems to be dearer that before this promotion.
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