£10 of free grocery shopping (Daily Telegraph this wknd)

£10 of free grocery shopping (Daily Telegraph this wknd)

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Email regarding the Telegraphs wknd offers:

Believe this free grocery trial happened once before about a year ago.

"The great British milkman now brings you much more than milk, with the online delivery service milkandmore.co.uk.

The service means your milkman now delivers up to six days a week, bright and early. You can choose from more than 250 essentials including eggs, bacon, bread, juice, cheese and household products.

You can trial this service with £10 worth of free shopping, if you are a new milk&more customer and the service covers your area.

The online service is free to use and you can order up to 9pm the day before your milkman’s next round, with no need to book a delivery slot – the top up shop has never been easier.

How to claim

See The Daily Telegraph or The Sunday Telegraph this weekend for details of how to claim your free £10 shop online with milkandmore.co.uk. Terms and conditions apply."

Free £10 trial doesnt sound too bad, obviously assuming cancelling if you dont want it on a regular basis isn't hard to do. Have not taken out this trial before so if anyone has please let us know!


Not in my area, strange i would of thought all London would be covered.

Girlfriends is covered though.

Your milkman is Bren Mason
who delivers to your area on Mondays | Tuesdays | Thursdays | Saturdays
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Your girlfriend seems to know Bren quite well... I'd watch that...

how do you do it?

Original Poster


how do you do it?

i believe at the wknd there will be a promotion linked through the telegraph. you'd then log onto the milk&more website and if you're a first time customer be given £10 credit to order some free groceries. if you like it you'll stay and order again, (similarly to any online grocery shopping like asda or tescos,) or you'll cancel. either way i don't believe that theres a minumum spend so its a potential £10 of groceries for nothing.. (anyone who did it last time, correct me if i'm wrong!)
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Only for new customers - that rules us out.

Sounds interesting.


milkandmore are useless, ordered 13 things for this morning and only 2 got delivered

We've been using them for a while, and never had any problems. We usually just get one or two pints every other day, to fill in any gaps in our Cravendale.:)

do milkmen really still exist? oO

I did this last time, when it was £5 worth of food on offer, ended up being charged for the food & it took several weeks & probably at least 15 phonecalls before I eventually managed to get the money credited back. This might be worth a read before you decide to go for it. I'd probably do it again though - at the end of the day it might be free food, but just be prepared it might not be entirely hassle free!

I also did the £5 trial last time and their service is terrible. The milkman didn't deliver until lunch time and they seemed to charge most people for the food and as babyme said it takes a lot of phone calls to get the money back and even then most of us just got £5 credited to our accounts so yes I got £5 worth of free food but only after id spent £5.
You can't even contact them by email either. So yes if your prepared for this hassle and don't mind maybe having the money credited to your account instead of having the first lot of food free then go for it.

can use it - but fab deal-heat added-thanks

I did this trial last time and the milkman didn't bother to deliver. They then apologised and said they would re-deliver and the chap didn't turn up again, with no explanation given other than 'returned to depot'. Great if you can get it, but I'm never bothering with these jokers again.

bonus, i have moved house since last year might try it out again

If you are considering becoming a new customer then make the most of the freebies because this is the only time you'll get anything for nothing from this company. Been a customer for 5 years and nothing like this for me.

The milkmen fighting back agains the supermarkets. I like this!!


Not in my area, strange i would of thought all London would be … Not in my area, strange i would of thought all London would be covered.Girlfriends is covered though.Your milkman is Bren Masonwho delivers to your area on Mondays | Tuesdays | Thursdays | Saturdays

would have thought


If you are considering becoming a new customer then make the most of the … If you are considering becoming a new customer then make the most of the freebies because this is the only time you'll get anything for nothing from this company. Been a customer for 5 years and nothing like this for me.

Yeah but their prices for milk are high. Costs me over £2 for 4 pints, whereas a lot of supermarkets are charging 2 x 4 pints for £2. Therefore twice as expensive. Do have a few good special offers though and good if you don't get out and about much. I had no problems getting my £5 introductory offer credited to my account.


would have thought

good for you.


would have thought

Ha, i do apologise, lack of sleep...

afaik I still have a £5 credit on my account from when I did a trial, despite being assured the money was going to be sent to my bank.

Decided not worth the hassle to keep ringing them though, as I'd end up spending the £5 on phone calls and paracetamol.

heat added for the kung fu master avatar

I agree you pay more for the milk, but now I never run out of milk like I used to when I was buying in shops. Also I have it delivered because it comes in re-useable glass bottles so more environmentally sound. The milk has a best before date a week later, so I only need 2 deliveries a week.

hopeless this company
milkman so lazy :O

Prices look okay to me, little bit more expensive than a supermarket but cheaper than my local if I run out at short notice as my supermarket is a 15 min drive away so I'll give them a go if it's £10 free, and might well continue it if the service is reliable.

Hot from me.

i started with them with the £5 free food, carried on using for top up stuff and organic milk that i cant get in the village,more expensive but convinient
think it depends on your milkman the service you get
mine is fab

cheers op will give it a try

Will hold off on the dairy in my tesco shop then Ta

not all of them are lazy my partner is a former milkman for this company and was never out on the road after 8am therefor every1 having there milk when they wake up i will most defently take up this £10 offer

Not in my area either.
Shame - fed up of doing the milk run pre-breakfast every other day LOL

why not just buy UHT milk? its only 50odd pence per litre, living on my own they last a few days each but can just keep 10 litres in the cupboard. i know the milk isnt as nice, but when i bought fresh milk it meant going out every day and throwing off milk out a lot.

oh and they dont seem to deliver in the north. it wont even let me see the price of a pint of milk but im going to guess its about £1 which is scandalous.

I've had them for about a year now with no problems. I only really order from their offers which can be really good.

I also had the same problem with the £5 deal. Put an order in it never turned up, rang them rearranged another delivery still didnt turn up , never heard from them again and i wont be contacting them so they cant be that in need of customers.

it must be a code for the £10 trial?

Anyone picked this up yet? Is it a unique code or..?


just found on mse, about to try it now

Just ordered £10.08 worth of stuff for Tuesday. Will keep you all updated.

i have added the code but it doesnt seem to be taking it off in the basket plus its asking for payment details

just put in the code and it says i have to pay £10.09? doesn't seem to work...
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