10% off all instock dvds at cdwow

10% off all instock dvds at cdwow


Most items are still cheaper elsewhere even with 10% off


did you read the bit about administration ?

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yes - but cdwow was bought by an Australian company and isn't in administration, only the previous owners are


did you read the bit about administration ?

Pretty sure they are no longer in administration. Perhaps someone (Mods) needs to look to change the 'CD-WOW IN ADMINISTRATION' tag that appears in every thread about them automatically!

We'd like to share some exciting news with you.

CD WOW! has recently been acquired by entertainment media specialists Élan Media Partners.

The passionate, knowledgeable and experienced CD WOW! Team is working hard with Élan Media Partners to restore CD WOW!’s rightful position as the world’s favourite destination for Music, Movies + TV, Games, Books and Cosmetics.

We have listened to our customer’s valued feedback and acknowledge there is indeed room for improvement.

Over the coming weeks and months, you will notice more competitive pricing and loads of exciting new deals. Our despatch and delivery times will improve and the small gaps in our catalogue will disappear. Our buying team is once again trawling all corners of the globe for the hottest new releases, classics and of course the weird and wonderful.

Our much loved Bargain Basement has recently been refreshed. Check in there and take a look at what’s on sale right now.

If you have any additional feedback or brilliant ideas for an improved CD WOW!, please share them here, we’d love to hear from you.

Thank you for your recent patience and loyalty. We’re pleased you’ve stuck around to experience CD WOW! redefine awesomeness once again.

The CD WOW! Team

Anyway, CD-WOW ain't bad. Sure their prices are dearer for many items, but root around and there is always a diamond in the rough to be had.


fair enough might want to let mods know
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